We are sure enjoying our long weekend!   I gotta tell ya, after coming off a week full of extensive journal research to write those 4 posts about Dale and my love story, I am pooped!!!!  

 Funny, this happened to me after my big Mother’s Day series too.  It’s like I am emotionally worn out or something and have run out of words.  Ok, well, maybe not run out of words, but I don’t have the energy to put much into a blog post afterwards.  Does that make sense? 

  For that reason, I’ll just keep it short and sweet today, plus, it’s a Holiday!!!!!

    We sure enjoyed the beautiful weather this afternoon! Dale didn’t think it was quite warm enough to get out the pool yet, so we just played out front instead.  I am so thankful we live where we do and the kids can roam around and use their imaginations.

  Anyhow, Paxton had just woken up from nap……


so I brought him out front, on the quilt with me.  045047

Sweet baby! 

From there, we watched the big kids play.


  Apparently, “John” got lost from sisters, “Kristy & Kristin”.  He was in the woods, but thankfully, he found his way out.


   Such a sweet reunion! 🙂

  Speaking of sweet, little Avery, I mean “Kwisty”, wanted me to take some photos of her peek-a-booing around the tree.


Like dis……”


“Den like dis…..”


“Tanks, Mommy!”


Today was such a good day. 

Happy Memorial Day!

  As we celebrate, let us think of the mother who lost her son in the battlefield. The wife whose husband has gone to war. Think of the children who do not know whether they will see their father next Christmas or not, and thank the Lord for those willing to fight for our freedom!  And, when we think of the selfless souls who sacrifice their happiness or very lives, for our security, I hope we realize just how much we have to be grateful for!