It’s A Marker Party!

My kids love to draw with Dry Erase Markers, but boy do they make me nervous! Dry Erase Markers stain something terrible!

  Destiny had to use them at school for math, and I can’t tell you how many pairs of pants, cardigan sweaters and polo shirts she ruined with dry erase marker stains. I have a GREAT stain remover, but it didn’t budge ‘em.

  So you can imagine, when I heard about Expo’s new line of Washable Dry Erase Markers, they had my attention.  I was sooo excited when I was selected to host an Expo Washable Marker party and blog about it.  So here we are!   🙂

  Expo sent us a huge box full of goodies in preparation for our party:


Avery looking longingly at all the markers….

“Sure wish I could have some of these, Mom.”


Wait, you mean they are for US?!?!?!  WOW!


I want pink!062


Destiny demonstrating that these markers are indeed, washable.


With NO soap!” she says.


Party day!

6 Momma’s & 16 kids attended


Taking home some goodies!


{SIGH} Expo Washable Markers are DREAMY!


Thanks to Expo & House Party for this GREAT opportunity!!!

Hey all you Momma’s out there, “Like” Expo Markers on Facebook and get a $2 off coupon for these awesome washable markers! Yay!



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