Happy Father’s Day!

Dale,  Throughout the years, my love and respect for you has grown.


  I have watched you learn to be the Daddy God has called you to be.


  You teach our girls to expect to be treated with respect.


You will teach our boys to be hard workers and gentleman.


Your chest is the perfect fit for a newborn.


And I love that you have held each and every one of our children cradled in your arms this way.


  You are the best Daddy our kids could ever ask for.


You’re not just a superhero to the kids, you are mine too.


  Today, I honor you and thank you for all those things you do, that mean so very much.


I know being a Daddy is exhausting!

(Dale with Baby Avery)

But, from 1st time Daddy…..


Or 2nd




Or 4th time around…..


You continue to amaze me, each and every time!


It’s true what they say about a parent’s love…..


It never divides……it multiplies!

  Dale, Thank you for providing for our family, making life fun, and allowing me to be able to say, “Just wait until your father comes home.”

Love you bunches, ~T   xoxo

And to MY Daddy, Happy Father’s Day to you!!!!!  Thanks for all the times you encouraged me to do the right thing, shake it off, and just be a true to myself.  Your advice and support have gotten me through many a sticky situation! 034

  Oh, and you taught me how to say: “If the 2 of you don’t cut it out, I WILL pull this car over”, while still remaining eerily calm.  Works every time!  🙂

I love you! ~Your “Punkin”

9 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. How beautiful,
    Dale is lucky to have someone like you to treasure and appreciate the wonderful Father and Husband he is 🙂
    Happy Fathers Day to all the hubby’s out there!

  2. Thanks for allowing God to choose your great husband for you. We are blessed by having Dale as our son, father to our grandkids and your husband. You have been an inspiration to my by your faith, positive attitude, charm and motherly patience and focus. You remind me of my own mother who also had all those traits.
    I am very proud of not only what you have accomplished as a team, but rather who you each are as persons, as Christ followers.
    I love each of you very much.

  3. Love the photos- especially that first one- just beautiful!
    (My little girl as the same white dress with the red flowers as your daughter, it is one of my favorites.) 🙂

  4. My love of this post is immense, as usual, but I must comment on ‘pull this car over’. An uncle of mine threatened his kids with this until one day he did pull over. He made the two fighters (of four) walk the last mile home. They were both under the age of 7 and he followed them with the car the whole way. He only had to do it once!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this tribute to your hubby an Dad! So awesome! Keep sharing your heart and I’ll keep reading and grabbing the Kleenex… it’s my job! 🙂

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