Weekend Fun

 I bought a swim suit this weekend, it’s a 3 piece:

A top, a bottom and a blindfold for you.

BAHAHAHA! Just teasing, I got that in an email and loved it, so I had to share.  🙂 

We had such a fun weekend!  (I trust you did as well.)  We were invited to use a friends pool…….

A “real” one, says my kids.  068

As opposed to our little blow up “fake” one?   🙂


  Boy, I tell you, it took some doing to keep all of those 4 little Fergusons a float successfully!  024


  We haven’t had a lot of practice in deep water, some of the kids not at all.  (Thankfully, Nana joined us.  We love it when she can come along with us for these fun adventures!)

  Destiny and her best friend/cousin, Brooklyn, did fine swimming unassisted. 


Avery played it safe in the very very shallow end, at first only leaving the area when she had on arm floaties AND her tube.  It didn’t always work how she planned, but she soon figured it out with just the arm floaties, doing bobs and back floats with the best of them.



Paxton went head first once, right out of my arms and into the water.  I was sitting with my legs in, so he didn’t go far, but he sure got a face full and scared me to pieces!  

After that, I sequestered him to a raft with me. 

Mean ol’ life jacket turned him into a little turtle peeking out of its shell, so we took it off…..


He loved it, just chillaxin with me, and almost falling asleep towards the end!!!!

  Tylan had quite the mishap:  027

One minute he was floating in the deep water with his floaty, the next? 

Empty floaty, no Tylan. 


You better believe that was the longest 30 seconds of my life.  He was fine, praise the Lord, just had abandoned his floaty to sit on these water-submerged stools behind the fountain;  JUST out of my line of sight.  He was playing so quietly and nicely he didn’t hear me call his name at first.   Jeepers, give me a heart attack why don’t ya!?


  By the time our afternoon of fun was over, both Destiny and Tylan had learned to swim (floaty-free) to the half way mark where Daddy stood and back.  Remember, they really haven’t had exposure to regular swimming pools, so this was extra exciting!!!! 

We were so proud of their brave swimming!



We told all the kids that if they showed bravery and tried their best to learn to swim, they’d earn a popsicle after dinner!

  Brooklyn says “YAY!”, cause she was already a great swimmer!!!!


   We packed our mini camping grill for a Hotdog and Kansas Cornbread salad picnic by the pool.


Next up, reward time!!!!! Popsicles for everyone!088


 We had so much fun that we decided on a repeat performance for Saturday as 090well.  Don’t you just love how water wipes kids out?

  Thanks to the sweet family that allowed us to use their pool……

  You blessed us with a fun and memory filled weekend!  🙂


More weekend photos:




Yes, Paxton is wearing a girl cover up.  Avery didn’t mind, and he was cold.  🙂 

  My sweet Grandma asked me to come photograph her flowers this weekend, they were just lovely!


I love that our Creator is so creative in his Creations!!!!!!