Tub Time Traditions

  There is just something so darn cute about babies in the bathtub!

066069                          At around the 8 month mark, we take a bath time photo of our children in the sink.  I am not sure how this tradition got started, but it seems once I decided to decorate my red & black bathroom with black & white bath time pictures of baby Destiny, taken by my cousin many years ago, it was deemed necessary to continue,  as other little Fergusons turned 8 months old.

  Forgive me, but I am far too lazy to take these out of their frames and go scan them……










Here they are as you see them in the bathroom…..I need to get Paxton’s photos ordered and into the frames already!


  You have no idea how many years I walked into this bathroom, and dreamed of the day when I’d have 4 babies to photograph and fill this frame.     044

  Funny the things that can make you sing praises to your Heavenly Father, isn’t it?



3 thoughts on “Tub Time Traditions

  1. What a sweet tradition! Those are really good photos…so beautiful, and you’re right, there is something so special about slippery little babies in the sink or bathtub.

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