4 Eyes Are Better Than 2

Guess who had to get glasses?


Nope, not Avery.  But she sure looks cute!


Nope, not Ty either, but he sure was sad that he couldn’t take his favorite blue pair home. (not pictured)

  It was Destiny!


  She was less than thrilled as she did NOT want to wear glasses. 


  We tried to make the day extra special, by using our Egg money for a Wendy’s lunch, along with 2 free Frosty coupons, for a picnic in the park.


Check out Paxton’s new owie-swollen-gums-teething-face:


See those new bottom 2?  He is currently getting 4 more, poor guy!



A Bacon Cheeseburger seemed to make things a bit better for Destiny.  🙂


  Pray for her when you think about it.  We have been seeing a doctor since school got out, she was lip reading while her teacher was at the board, trying to figure out what she was writing.  She also was struggling with her seat work.  Bless her teachers heart, she pulled her aside and helped her with every assignment the whole last month of school! 

  The doctor is unsure what is going on, because glasses are not taking Destiny’s vision back to the 20-20, as is there job to do.  This tells them something else is wrong, something they have yet to figure out.  They are throwing the word “Specialist” around if it hasn’t resolved itself by summers end. 

  I think you know what $pecialist means:  lots of very very expensive doctor visits in a distant town.  We are believing and praying she’ll outgrow this!!!!

  Until then, doesn’t she look sweet?


I think so.

Besides, 4 eyes are better than 2, right!?!?!




13 thoughts on “4 Eyes Are Better Than 2

  1. I felt the same way when I had to get glasses in 3rd grade… tell her she looks SUPER cute!! And I will certainly pray!

  2. When I was in 7’th grade I lied to get glasses like my best friend.. Turned out I really needed them! Later down the road I needed eye therapy.. Eye exercises to make the muscles in my eyes stronger. Worked like a charm! I’m 41 and still need glasses. So just a little note to her.. Think of it as jewelry for your face!! Everyday you get to be dressed up looking AND most importantly, seeing your best! It’s hard to ride your bike when you can’t see where you are going! 😉

  3. I understand! I have learned to love my glasses. In fact, I don’t want contacts. I enjoy my glasses so much now. Bless her heart, was she getting headaches too? I can tell when I need a new prescription because the headaches start gradually coming on. Also, I know some kids need to do the eye exercises to make one eye come back up to strength. For example, they wear eye patches on one eye to make the weak one become stronger. I will certainly pray for her!!

    • You know our heredity for eye stuff! When I was 4 my eyes crossed and I started wearing patches and glasses…. and they were NOT cute back then.. I had blue cat eye ones! I personally think her glasses ROCK and make her look even more beautiful and intelligent! GLASSES ARE FOR COOL KIDS!!! (Be sure and tell her that!!) Been wearing them for 41 years!! Will pray the glasses help correct everything quickly!! 🙂

  4. I had to get glasses when I was in 5th grade. I was DEVASTATED! I didnt want anything to do with them : ( My parents had no clue that the minute I left the house I would take them off and just go ‘blind’ the rest of the day! lol Thank heavens contacts came into my life when I was a teen! : )

  5. I’ve found your blog through Brandie and I’m so glad I did. You have a beautiful family. I feel so sorry for you little teething sweetie though. That just looks like it hurts!

    Destiny is beautiful with (and without) her new glasses! I had to get them for the first time last year. I’m still getting used to them. I will remember her in my prayers while she goes through this “specialist” thing.

    So nice to “meet” you Tonya…
    ~~Peggy Lee

  6. Aw, tell Destiny she looks fabulous in her new glasses! SO cute. And I’ll keep your sweetie in my prayers…so hard when you’re not sure what’s going on!

  7. Oh yes 4 eyes are better than 2. 8-} She looks adorable…as all your kids do. God will provide…Hang in there. It’s tough to wait, but will be praying you get some answers soon.
    God bless you all! How fun to have a picnic in the park.

  8. Destiny, you look GORGEOUS in your glasses!!! I want some just like them.

    Tonya, praying that everything will be ok. I didn’t know you where struggling with this vision thing. Bless her heart, she obviously doesn’t complain. Sweet girl 🙂

  9. I think Destiny looks FABULOUS in her glasses! I had to get them when I was in 3rd grade and I thought I was pretty special 😉 Hope everything gets worked out for you – I get you with the specialist thing…we’re getting ready to take Charlie to one as well 😦 NO fun!

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  11. Destiny looks BEAUTIFUL!! in her glasses. My daughter
    had to get glasses at the age of 18 months she is 21 now and still has to see a specialist. Praying for you and your family.

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