Born Again Birthday Parties & Linguini Oh-Yeah

   I recently was privileged to help out in the Pre-K class during our church Summer Bible School program.

During our 4 days together, 14 of the 45 students in that age group, came to know Jesus.  I don’t know about you, but that brings tears to my eyes!  What a BIG decision! And oh, were they ever sweet about it. 

  First we talked about the ABC’s of Salvation:

A Admit we are sinners.

B Believe God sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sins.

Claim Jesus as Lord of your life. This means you act different and show God’s love to those around you.  (This used to be Confess, but it has been recently changed because by this step, you’ve usual already done so)

  In discussing this event with the parents, it came to my attention that not everyone knows quite how to handle this new-found faith of their little ones.  I’d like to share with you today, what we tell our children and how we celebrate.

  First we tell them that the Lord has washed their hearts clean from the ugly “weeds” of sins.  (this gives a good reference point later when they lie or something, that the only way to get that weed out is to say sorry for their sin to their Heavenly Father and He’ll clean it out again.)

  The second thing we say is that God has opened His BIG book, called the “Book of Life” and has written their name in it! WOW, how exciting! 

  Then we tell them that the angels are whooping and hollering and having a Praise Party up in Heaven. 


Well, they are celebrating a Born Again Birthday, that’s why. 

036  We choose to have a “Born Again Birthday” Celebration down here on earth too, making a treat, lighting a candle and singing Happy Born Again Birthday to that child at dinner.  We write it on the calendar so that every year we can remember this special day.

  Yesterday, was Destiny’s Born Again Birthday, and although we don’t celebrate with cake EVERY time, we do make mention of it and talk about what a special decision that was.  She asked Jesus into her heart June 30th, 2006.

  When I first started blogging last fall, Tylan asked Jesus into his heart after tearfully announcing he wanted to live with Jesus forever. It was just precious. I wrote about it here.   Avery did later that year as well.  She came padding into our room at 6 am and first thing, announced that last night when Nana was babysitting, she did something special.  She says, ”I have Jesus in my heart (points at tummy), I can go to HEAVEN!” And did the cutest little Yipeeee! jump in the air you ever did see.

  It makes this Momma’s heart proud that 3 of my 4 little Ferguson’s are children of the King of King’s! Praise His name!


Sooo, on to the food portion of today’s post. I think you’ll love this at your 4th of July celebration, it makes a nice BIG batch!

  I don’t know who named this dish, “Linguini Oh-Yeah!”, but despite their lack of a cool recipe name, this is a DELICIOUS pasta salad. Our favorite one in fact!



Prepare 1 day in advance!  Colorful, zesty, and oh-so flavorful!

  • 1 pound Linguini Noodles
  • 1 whole Large Cucumber, Seeds Removed And Diced
  • 2 whole Medium Tomatoes, Diced (Grape Tomatoes Are Prettier!)
  • 4 whole Green Onions, Sliced
  • 5 Tablespoons Salad Supreme Seasoning (about Half The Jar)
  • 10 ounces, fluid Wishbone Italian Dressing
  • 1 dash Salt And Pepper

Cook and drain linguini noodles. Mix all ingredients together until they are evenly coated. Refrigerate overnight. Serve cold.

  Hope you have a fantastic Holiday weekend!


P.S.  Thanks for all your sweet comments to Destiny yesterday!  I read them to her and she BEAMED, proudly pushed up her glasses and skipped off to play.  🙂