4 Little Ferguson Fireworks: Fiasco or Fun? Um, yes.

  Ever year I get excited to see the fireworks, and every year I am shocked by my little one’s reactions.  Since I seem to be constantly pregnant (No, I am not right now, or ever again, thankyouverymuch) I forget that even though we get a couple of kids to the age where they enjoy it, there is always toddler or new baby that are SOOO not impressed by the “pretties”.

  Case in point:

Friday evening, we decide to shoot off a few old fireworks we had found in the shed. (Dangerous much?!) 


  I sat on the end of the sidewalk with all my 4 little Fergusons, watching daddy set up for the big (little) show…011


Little kids:  WAAAAAAH!


Big kids: “That was AWESOME!”


For the remainder of the “show”, my lap was full of bawling babies.


  Guess we won’t be attending the fireworks on the 4th after all?

  Sunday afternoon we found out there was a free Car show going on at a local park. Well, if its free it’s for me, and as the daughter of a motor head, I love going to these sorts of things!

  Tylan was SOOOO excited!  “Will we see Chevy Camaro’s and Ford Mustangs???”

  We did see Chevy Camaro’s and Ford Mustangs.  One Ford Mustang in particular….


  This was my first car, a Christmas present from my parents.  I drove this puppy all through high school.  Awwwww, memories!   🙂


New stripes.


  Ty was in Heaven running from row to row trying to see it all at once.  He was SO proud when the owner of a Ford GT let him sit in his car. 

  Apparently it’s worth like $150,000, so I gently threatened Ty within an inch of his life and warned him NOT to put his shoes on the seat.


He was SO proud!


Avery ran up to a darling pink car and announced “This car used to be mine when I was big.”  The owner thought that was pretty stinkin’ cute, so he offered to let her sit inside his car too.


(Destiny is not in any of these because she was at her 3rd ever sleep over at her cousin’s house.)


Daddy and Ty, still going strong…..


Pax, totally content chillin’ in the back of the stroller……


Avery, getting bored.


More fun cars, more time passes…..


Now Avery is REALLY done!


We headed over to the playground for a bit before loading up.


For a special treat we decided to stop at Braum’s for ICE CREAM. Oh man, were they ever excited!


  This is where my story ends because Dale is hollering its time to go!  It’s the 4th of July, and we are headed to his Uncle and Aunt’s for a BBQ tonight and we MAY be staying for the fireworks, but after looking at the photos from Friday at the beginning of this post, it reminds me that may not be the best idea we’ve ever had.  Oh well, hope you are having a great weekend with your family!



Do a funny face!!!!


Better late than never, Pax!





P.S.  It’s 11:30 pm, and we just got home. The kids are dirty and exhausted, but they had a ball.  No tears tonight over the loud booms! Yay! Avery says it’s because they are less scary at cousin Josh’s house. Okay, whatever works!   🙂