Paxton and The Trampoline

  The kids wanted me to come jump with them on the trampoline today.  I love to jump with them, but Paxton was awake.  I tell you what, sometimes it is so hard to know what to do with that kiddo.  He sits on a blanket while I garden, in his wash tub when we swim, in his swing when we swing, but when we jump?  Well, I guess he gets to come with?  I figured it was worth a try, even if I didn’t get much jumping done.

  He was not too sure at first…….maybe because big sis was bouncing RIGHT behind him?!??!?!


View from above:


View from below:  LOL!!!!! 🙂  That kid puts everything in his mouth! Trampoline included!


BTW, jumping with a 20 pound baby in your arms is exhausting!



7 thoughts on “Paxton and The Trampoline

  1. I feel the same about Owen – What do I do with him??? He’s not standing by himself yet or walking, so it’s really difficult when we go places because he’s about 27 pounds and I can’t hold him for more than a few minutes…we tried the park but he wouldn’t stay put in the small place that was safe to crawl, so had a few near misses. He wanted to do what big brother did, but of course couldn’t. I just got frustrated and we left. This age is just too difficult. But still cute.

  2. Ahhhhh…making me miss the energy and trampoline of my youth! 😀
    Just think of all the time you DON’T have to spend formally exercising if you spend a few minutes every day on the trampoline with Paxton! Seriously…I bet you’d give Arnold a run for his money.

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