Ladies Man

What can I say? 

Paxton is a ladies man!


They just um, “flock” to him. 

Check it out:043

He is good at sharing:

“Wanna snack?”


He is Kind:

“Hey there ladies, don’t fight, there is plenty to go around!”


He is quiet, often pondering life and all there-in….

“Hmmmmm. Now where did I put that other cracker?”


He is friendly:

“Hi! Welcome, come have a snack with me!”


He is strong:

“I have the power to feed these chicks right here in the palm of my hand.”


He is generous:

“Here you are, ladies….cheese crackers for everyone!”


He has a great “appetite” for life:

“Wait, I want one too!”


He is fashion forward:

“Come here….”


“….I want to fix your hair. It’s kinda sticking up.”


“Comb you say? Yes, you DO need a comb!”


Paxton has some pretty girls at church too…..


Paxton’s mine!                                                No, he’s mine.


We are currently working with their parents for an itemized list of their dowry’s so we can make an informed decision on Paxton’s arranged marriage. 

Ok, ok, maybe not, but he sure has some great future choices!!!!! 🙂



10 thoughts on “Ladies Man

  1. Oh my goodness Tonya, you are a riot!! Yes, get those dowries figured out right away….you never know how much cattle are going to appreciate over the next 20 years. 🙂

  2. Tonya, as I look at pictures of little Paxton, they are soooo cute! I do have a concern. I notice he is NOT wearing a life jacket. When Wanda was a little girl, she drown in a pail of water setting close where they were choring. I really don’t remember all the details (and Grandpa is sleeping right now or I would ask him) So please,
    please put a life jacket on the little boy!!

  3. Very cute post!!!!!!! As to the tub I assumed right off and I am guessing he was sitting in the empty tub just playing outside since he has clothes on. Unfortunetly life jackets don’t work until they can learn to half way keep themselves afloat anyway, which is a bummer!!! I loved all the pictures of Pax and our 2010/2011 crop of girls at church LOVE it great job Tonya!!!

  4. Hello, love the chickens, but your little one is toooooo adorable~ Thank you so for your sweetness on my comments. You were too kind. Today I am having a blog party if you would like to come over and sign up. It is so hot outside, had to do something fun!

    I so enjoyed meeting you the other night…….so did my girls. They loved your little ones!
    Hugs from my farm, Linda

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