Whose Bright Idea Was This, Anyhow?!

  Today’s project was “Toy Closet Clean Up”. I thought it’d be a great idea to involve the kids, assigning a few baskets to each child, to be gutted, sorted and put back on the shelf.  It seemed so simple really.


 003 006

How is it that stuff like this always seems like such a good idea at the time, but then turns south reallyreally quickly?


  I do believe at this point, he had discovered Mommy’s Trash Bag of broken toys:  “But they’re SPECIAL, Momma!”

  {Or, quite possibly, I snapped at him to quit playing and get his baskets done before lunch!}  (Sorry, Ty!)


  I explained to him that in our family, we like to stay organized and keep things neat and tidy.  This means we don’t keep broken toys that just take up space.  This was a great way to make sure his UN-broken cars had room in their basket home.  Well, he thought that made some sense.  He dried his tears and got back at it, even working with Destiny to surprise me by organizing the Train Table.


  It wasn’t long before Avery turned on the waterworks, although I cannot for the life of me remember why right now.  It was so close to lunch and nap time, who knows!!!!!


Tylan, sweet boy, grabbed her by the hands and said something vaguely like what I had just said to him, about being tidy and working together to get the job done.


  Phew. Disaster averted.  Time to make lunch!

When it was all said and done, the closet looked MUUUUCH better, and we had actually cleared enough space for 3 additional baskets! Yay!   🙂


  My next project? The one I’ve been putting off for 5 months now…..

See that HUGE stack of white paper on top? 

All new recipes to try. 


  029I need to gut and re-do my existing recipe folders, then place these new print offs in sleeves and add them as well.  Ugh.

As you can see, I currently have them shoved in my desk, so I don’t have to look at them each day.  How overwhelming!

Maybe I’ll get to it while the kids are outside playing and Pax is napping?

What’s that kids? You want me to come play in the Tee-pee with you?”


Shoot, guess I am TOO busy right now to start such a large project.

146Darn.  Maybe tomorrow.

148Or the next day.


Or next year……



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