A Birthday Bash

    There is a particular week in July that is EXTRA busy at our house: last week!

  My future sis-in-law has a birthday on the 12th, my mother-in-law on the 14th, chadandlaurenandachilliesmy mom on the 16th and Destiny on the 17th. 

  Lauren, my future sis-in-law, lives in Florida, so we can’t celebrate with her.  001

Grandma and Nana are MORE than happy to forgo celebrating their birthday’s in honor of Destiny, so we usually just get together for hers.  180

Everyone seems just fine with that arrangement!  🙂

So, my baby is 8 now!!!!!  How is that possible?! 

Seems like this was only yesterday:

Destiny 5 daysDestiny2 (2) - CopyP1030079P1030101


Destiny8New sandbox


And now?  A lovely little lady to be sure.


“Take my picture too, Mommy! I’m FAAAAANCY!”

Sure my almost 3-year-old, why not?!



Party Time! 



Happy 8th Birthday, Destiny Joy!  You light up my life with your gorgeous grin, sweet nature and tender heart.  I LOVE YOU!


xoxo  Mommy

P.S.  Destiny wanted a rainbow cake this year. I am not a cake decorater, so I always manage to get myself in trouble with these requests.  I got online and found a Rainbow recipe, but it was for rainbow CUPCAKES so there was not enough of each color to do stripes since I switched it to cake pans.

Sooo, I had to improvise and do a marbled version.  Check out the batter:


End result:



Cut cake:  


Each piece had different combo of colors and swirls.

Pretty cool, right?!  It’s no rainbow striped cupcake, but it worked, and we have more birthdays to try that sorta stuff.  🙂