Destiny’s Post

Hi! This is Destiny, I just turned 8 years old.  Since I am getting so grown up, I begged my mom to let me do a blog {post} this summer.  She said yes, but no taking her camera outside, well, except for the back porch.  Here are the photos I took.  I am still learning!  My favorite photo is the rose, mommy’s is the flower in the vase.  Daddy just smiled when he saw my food photos, and said I was just like my mom.

  Have a nice summer! Love, Destiny

The World As Seen By Destiny



Note from mom:

I am so proud of Destiny! She did a great job on this post and worked really hard!!  I love that she picked up the fork with her left hand while snapping the shot with her right in the photo of the dinner plate above. (just like she has seen me do)  Oh, and I know Pax looks horrible in those photos, he was not feeling well at all and had spiked a fever, so he was getting a vinegar/ginger bath to bring down the fever and start the detox process.  Poor kiddo! He’s fine now.

I also thought the Chicken doo doo was a, um….nice touch?  Very fitting after the chicken photo I suppose.

This last photo was snapped by Destiny, right before we left on our anniversary date this May.  We like to tease Nana, that Destiny takes better photos then she does.  Nana agrees, admitting to getting too much ceiling most times! 🙂