Happy Birthday, Sweet Avery!

Today is a special day!



n762190229_4175882_1385Today is Avery’s Birthday!  And mine too.  She’s the best Birthday present I have ever received! 

She was born 08-01-08 and I was born



Neat, huh?! 


She turns 3 today, and this Momma turns 3-0. {Oh boy!}


  My dearest Avery, no one would ever guess you weighed a whopping 10 pounds 3 1/2 oz at birth, (Or that your daddy made the nurses weigh you on 2 different scales because he thought they had to be wrong!), or that you would be our biggest baby ever. 


Avery 11 hours old                                              Avery 1 day old

You’re such a teeny little thing now!!!! 


  And boy, do you have spunk! You always have had that onrey twinkle in your eye. I like to tease you that it’s from your Daddy. 



You look just like his side of the family you know, right down to the baby blue almond shape eyes.


Your happy grin brightens any room. 



You look like an angel when you sleep.


Sometimes when you’re awake too.


166136_180111815346562_100000432343062_509133_7731410_nSometimes, not.

“Look, Momma. I push him. He cry.”


Your cry can pierce any ear drum, as it has from the get-go.



Your love of reading started at an early age.


You are so creative in your play.



You aspire to be a wife, already praying for your future husband at times. 020021

And you want to be a mommy, too…….


You’re going to be great!031


You’re always eager to be our big helper!


You melt my heart whenever you reach up and slip your teeny hand in mine. “Can I hold you hand, Momma?”  064-3

  Oh precious girl, how the years have passed us by.  057-2

  How I wish I could stop time and just really hold you and give you the one on one moments you deserve.


It’s a good thing a Mother’s love doesn’t divide, it multiplies, because you joined our family when Tylan was 17 months old.n762190229_4666440_1214n762190229_4666441_1530

And, 2 weeks after you turned 2, your baby brother, Paxton came along.


“I’m da baby too, Momma……”


I may not always get to hold you in my arms as much as you ask me to, and that makes me cry.


  I may not always stop and listen to your whole story because of the demands of the other children.


I may not get to rock you as long as you’d like me to each night before bed.


Sometimes, I can’t play Hide and Seek right when you want to.


But you know what?


I love you so much…… 


My little Peanut, my blessing from the Lord.


I promise to stop and hold you just a moment longer each night.


I promise to give you the time and attention you need.


I promise to never make you feel like I am too busy with the baby to give you what you seek.043

You are SPECIAL!  And you are my favorite Birthday Gift of all!201

Little Avery, you make my heart smile and I love you to the moon and back.


Happy 3rd Birthday, my sweet little one!


All my love and kisses too,


Your Momma      xoxo

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Sweet Avery!

  1. What a special post and of cource I have tears streaming down my face because with 4 of my own in close ages to yours I feel many of the things you wrote of in my heart. If only we could stop time and go back and capture those moments we lost taking care of the others, but then if we did not have the 4 we do at the ages we do then we would not have the kids we have right??? Very special post Tonya and Happy Happy Birthday Avery!!!

    Oh and Tonya if it helps the entire year I turned the big 3-0 I was not Thirty but Twenty – Ten. I was also Twenty-Eleven, and Twenty-Twelve, and Twenty-Thirteen. But then after that it starts making you sound older than 34 so anyway Twenty-Ten made my year seem so much easier for some reason then saying I was 30 did LOL!!!! Have an Amazing Birthday my Friend!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday to 2 of the sweetest ladies I know!! How these 3 yrs have flown, not to mention that my baby girl is 30 today!! You make a mother proud, and Avery you are one very sweet blessing! Do you remember my concern in caring for yet one more baby Ferguson? Your love and up bringing of your children has not only made my job as a Nana so easy, but I am so blessed to share so much of your families life and activities. Thank You, and God’s richest blessings today and for as long as He tarries. Love Nana and mom

  3. Happy Birthday to Both of you !!!
    What a blessing you are to each other.
    I know what it’s like to have a large baby also, My middle son was 10 lbs 2 oz he is now 6’2″ and a wonderful man and blessing to us as well 🙂
    Make it a good day.

  4. Precious Post! Love those adorable pictures…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOTH YOU SWEET GIRLS! Big baby from such a little mama??? How does that happen huh? Our grandson was born this past March and weighed 10# 13 ozs….amazing!

  5. Tonya I came back to read your comments and was reading the BIG baby posts. My Grandma who stood 6 feet tall when she was full grown weighed a whopping 13# when she was born in little Marion KS, 83 years ago (she passed away a couple of years ago) but anyway her Mom gave birth of course naturally and vaginally back then!!! WOW!!!

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