Headin’ to the Beach

  Out of the 2 weeks spent in Florida, we only managed to make it to the beach 3 times, even though its only 10 minutes away.  Gotta love life with young kiddos! 🙂

   This was Avery’s first time to be old enough to remember the beach.  Last time we went to Florida, she was this age…..Where has the time gone?!


  Papa and Drea loaded us all up one evening to go to the Jetty to see if we could spot some dolphins.



  We did eventually spot some, but not as close as they sometimes come, Papa said.


Paxton sure seemed intent on staring at the water, I was amazed at his interest.  136

137Oh wait, he’s dozed off again. Poor tired kiddo!


Once he woke up, he loved to look at the water, even copying the big kids by pointing at the dolphins….


We decided to go wade a bit before heading home for bed.  The beaches here are just littered with shells, I couldn’t get over it!


Paxton’s first time at the beach….


Yup, not feelin’ it!



Beach Attempt 2 took 1 1/2 hours to get out the door, 6 adults with very full arms, trudging through the sand….only to stay 30 minutes before the rain clouds rolled in.  Nice.

Beach attempt 3 was a roaring success, with us making it there mid-morning and staying late into the afternoon! Woo hoo!


Our “Camp” for the day





It was a PERFECT day! (Despite the fact that all the Kansans got burnt, even with sunscreen!)



Can we go back now? Pul-eeeeeeease!?!?!?!

More to come Monday….


3 thoughts on “Headin’ to the Beach

  1. Aww, thanks for sharing! What a wonderful time you all had. Your kids will remember! LOVE all of the photos…especially of the clouds and beach/water!! And sunset and kids…..oh I loved them all!
    Hope you get back to routine at home!!

  2. Such lovely photos!! It’s amazing how white the sand is…..I read that Hawaii’s beaches are golden, not white, and comparing them to these photos, that’s clearly true! I think my favorite is the one of your whole family holding hands on the beach. Sweet. 🙂

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