Kitties & Chickies

  We had a visitor awaiting us when we came home from vacation.  A new furry little Ferguson:

Saprina the kitty, rescued from a tree by our house sitter while we were gone.


To say my kids are infatuated with her is a bit of an understatement!



Tylan announced at supper tonight, that it was REALLY great that we had a cat now, so she could eat the mice.  Otherwise…….those mice would sneak into our house and eat all our CHEESE!



This is our first pet kitty you know.  I am NOT a cat person, but I just might be a bit smitten myself.

Key word: MIGHT


Sophie was not to sure at first, but after the customary butt sniff, deemed Saprina fit to be a part of our outdoor family.


“Wait, did you say OUTSIDE?”


Yup, sorry Saprina. This Momma is allergic to kitty cats, no matter how cute they are. Outside you go and outside you will stay…


Exploring the great outdoors is exhausting!!!!!053

Awwww!  {melt melt melt} I think I’m smitten with a kitten. (Shhh! Don’t tell!)

   In other Furry Little Ferguson news, remember our Silkie Bantams?  They were baby Silkies when we left for Florida and viola! 

2 weeks later……..



We came back to BIG teenager Silkies that had outgrown their pen and need for a heat lamp.  We promptly moved them to the old chicken coop, separate from the other chickens. 


They don’t call it “Hen Pecked” or “Pecking Order” for nothing.  It is for their own safety that they remain separated from the original chickens until further notice, so they live to see another day.


“I got my eye on you.”


Funny little Fur-babies!