A Tank Party for My “Tank”

  Ever since Paxton was a baby, we’ve called him “Tank”.  011  Maybe its because he was a huge kid at birth…  

168  163

Or maybe it was because as he got older, and bulldozed his way through our home, the nickname just fit. 

“Why hello there Tank!”


“Aww, Tank! Don’t cry!”


    Naturally, as we approached Paxton’s first birthday party, it was only right that we go with the Tank theme:

A big thanks to Uncle Mike’s girlfriend, Mary, for making us this DARLING Tank cake!!!!! 044

  Check out these cool Green Apple Army Gummy Men I found at our local market.  What are the odds of finding gummy army men, and just in time for our party!?!?!  I just smiled and said “Thanks, Lord!”  It TOTALLY made my day!  🙂


  They were the really soft kind of gummy, and tasty too!


  Paxton doesn’t actually turn 1 until Wednesday, (phew, I have a bit longer to call him my BABY) but due to some family matters, we moved his party up a whole weekend.

  Here are the photos from his fun day:

012013 (2)

013016017018019 (2)020022023047072049074075

 Saprina all dressed up to party…..


Guests arrive:



Cool Dragonfly (already deceased) from Great Grandpa & Grandma’s house:028029

“Look Momma, I think it’s a bug!”


“Got it…”


“Uh, Momma?  I got it, but I don’t like it.”








Cake time!  Paxton spots it his coming….

“Dis!” he says.



You can barely tell it, but in this photo he is pursing his lips and blowing the candle in these little teeny puffs. Clever boy!  087*Also not pictured: big brother Tylan, walking up to it and matter of factly blowing it out for him!!!!!  Nice.

Dig in baby, this is the first/last time you’re getting sugar for a long time…Enjoy it!


“Here Mom, this thing came off….”




Still going strong on the cake……till Momma cuts him off!



Time to open gifts!


Read that “Time for Mommy to open gifts, while trying to keep a squirmy, sugared-up, almost 1-year-old on her lap……”


  Uncle Dan had arrived at the party in his super fun, 1964 Impala, so after the party, he let the kids have a ride around the property. 


    Pax sure thought he was cool stuff getting to stand in the front seat while it was parked….


“What do you mean I can’t drive until I am 18!?”


“Can I just pretend, like this?”



“Ok, thanks, Mom.”





  Aunt Viv, here from Oregon, brought presents for ALL the kids.  They thought that was a SUPER great idea!  She brought them each a darling new outfit!!!



  078My last little Ferguson is a few days away from turning 1!

How is that possible?!?!





7 thoughts on “A Tank Party for My “Tank”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAXTON! He’s a living dollbug! I ADORE those curls. So glad to see mommy in some of those pictures…does your finger ever get tired from snapping all those glorious pictures? =) I sure do enjoy the stories you share with all the visuals. And isn’t it just like God to give you those gummy men? I love that too. Have a blessed week.

    • Thank you, Mrs. Baker! I asked Dale last night: Do I need to delete some of these, cause I am in A LOT of them this time! He said no, its about time you are in your own blog! lol 🙂 Yes, it was nice to just enjoy and let my best friend & Mom-in-law click away. Always nice to hear from you! Hugs~ T

  2. Paxton is darling. SO DARN CUTE! I love his curly hair, those big blue eyes, the chocolatey “1” finger….you seriously have the cutest kids, Tonya. What fun birthday party, even if he won’t remember it down the road!

  3. Tonya I think your kids look like you, but Paxton is just a spitting image. I hope he enjoyed his party and has a good day tomorrow. He’s such a cute, miracle baby. Also, if you figure out how the last year went so fast and how to prevent the next year from going so quickly, let me know. I will do the same for you. 🙂

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