Good-bye, Sweet Summer

  Well, Monday school starts and with it the Summer season draws to a close.  It doesn’t seem possible, I need more time with all my kids home!  More peeking out the kitchen window to kids shrieking and having fun in the yard, bunk bed sibling sleepovers with giggles late into the night (well 9:00, but that’s late for them), pool time, swimsuit tan lines, towels on the line, Popsicles, backyard BBQ’s, summer sunsets, watching the fireflies come out and hearing the locusts call their bedtime chant. 


  I didn’t get my fill of corn on the cob, watermelon, cucumber salad or tomato sandwiches this year, due to my poor over-heated garden… we wait for another year, another season.


  It’s back to early bedtime, alarm clock setting for early mornings, hearty breakfasts, homework, evening backpack checks, uniform filled laundry and required reading.  But, with the end of Summer comes the promise of Fall……the return of crisp Kansas air, leaves crunching under your feet, pumpkins, soups and all that Fall entails.


  The kids have really had a fun summer together and I love the changes I see in 002them as they all grow up a bit, they really really play well together.  The latest craze? “Barbie Beauty Salon”.  Destiny is the best stylist around!


  I have let the kids play outside EXTRA long this week, and for the first time in all our years out here, they have started to explore the property, expand their territory a bit.  They found a “Hideout” for themselves in our old lean-to.




  It even has an emergency escape hatch….cool!


Aren’t my kids so fashion forward?  I mean really, snow boots with shorts is a really good look, wouldn’t you say?  🙂


  Apparently, the Goat Head stickers (MEAN ol’ stickers that look like thorns and put poison in your foot…) poke them when they wear their Croc play shoes.  Hey, we live in the country, whatever works!

  In other news, Pax has started signing more at meal time.  We’ve done Baby Sign with each of our children and LOVE it!  He’s been good at “All Done” for a while now, but has added “More”, which I have yet to capture on video  (The little booger will do it before and after the camera, but never when I have it on, STINKER!) and “Please.” 

  I also, due to supper-making chaos, handed him the fork for the first time, to allow him to self-feed.  He went after his turkey, sweet potatoes and peas with gusto, doing waaaay better than I imagined…….


Scooping the bites to his mouth with ease…. 



  Half a bowl later, I was still working on the Broccoli & Cheese Twice Baked Potatoes (yum~recipe coming!) so he gave up the fork and went to hands….


And later still, face. 


Success! Messy success, but he the job got done none-the-less and was so proud of himself!


  Well, I should close.  Like I said, school starts Monday and I need to go write “Destiny” on a million and one more individual markers, marker lids, notebooks, folders, crayons, pencils and erasers.  How do you people with multiple kids in school get this accomplished in good time? 


What an undertaking!  The old Tonya would have had this done a month early. But this new Tonya, the one with 4 kids?  She’s more of a “Fly By The Seat of Her Pants” kinda gal…..waiting until the last weekend before school starts to get it done.


Rebel, I know.



6 thoughts on “Good-bye, Sweet Summer

  1. No way…school is starting already?!

    The pics of Ty and Avery with snow boots and shorts made me grin really big–there are so many photos of my brothers and I in similar clashing outfits! Part practicality, part dress-up, part “I’m playing in the woods/outbuildings/creek and it doesn’t matter what I wear.” Loved those days. So sweet to see them exploring the property and having adventures together! There really is nothing better than growing up in the country when you’re a kid. *sigh* The Lord will have to move in MIGHTY ways if He wants us to live somewhere rural when we have kids–Mike’s professional skills aren’t in much demand outside urban/suburban locales!

  2. Hey I wrote Piper on a WHOLE box of 64 yes Sixty Four Box of Crayons…. 24?? I don’t feel one bit sorry for you!!! Plus 24 Colored Pencils, and 10 sharpies/ expo markers not to mention all the other things like you as well!!! Great Post Tonya!!!

  3. Hey Tonya, I really enjoy reading your blog and the recipes are wonderful! (I just printed several of them to try). I wanted to ask you, what sort of camera do you use and how/what program do you use to edit your photos? I really enjoy blogging but I’d love to improve my photos so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. =) Thanks!


    • I just put two and two together…you’re the penny wise chick! I knew your name was somehow familiar! I hopped over to your personal blog after this comment and “met” your darling, Alex! What a doll baby! He looks close to Paxton’s age. Anyhow, I am learning to use a SLR camera, Canon Rebel the basic model with basic lens. I use the Windows live photo program that is on my computer. Nothing fancy, but I hear you are only as good as your worst piece of equiptment, so guess this is a great way to start???? With bare bones basics?!?! 🙂 I am so pleased with it and have been happy with the quick click-click-click of an SLR style camera, no missed “kid moments”! Any tips for me? Like how to get paid for all the hours I invest in this blog?! LOL :)Take care, T

      • I debated putting a link to both blogs in case you did remember that I had commented on your blog before but I felt like I was advertising instead of just saying hello. =)

        I’m in a bit of a rut with my “business” blog as of late (and haven’t made all that much $$ from it yet since it’s still so new and growing) so I will say that I enjoy my personal blog more. (so no big tips yet for your blog to make $,except maybe to find an affiliate or two that you like and see where you can go from there!)

        My little guy will be turning 1 in a few months so I’ve been enjoying all your birthday posts for Paxton. Never having planned a first birthday before I’m taking notes and seeing how other mamas do it!

        I have the most basic Nikon camera which takes amazing pictures but I’d love to edit them a bit more. Thanks for the info. :o)

      • Have you tried the photo editing site called Picnik? I really like some of their features although I don’t take the time to go there much unless there is a certain photo I LOOOOOVE or want to add words to. Super cheap if you want to join, so far I just use the free stuff, cause if its free, its for me! 🙂

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