A Letter From Daddy

I have two posts again today.  The second being another yummy recipe, a supper one this time…this blog was gaining weight from all those desserts yesterday!

  This “Letter From Daddy” was written for me by my mentor.  He is such a blessing to me, always speaking over me beautiful things the Lord reveals to him about us and our current circumstances during his daily prayer time.  This note was no different.  The Lord new EXACTLY what I needed to hear that particular morning:


Just a couple of thoughts…..

  I watched the weather forecast a couple of days ago… and thought of YOU. Temps had been running 105, 110, 108… forever,, and then, BAM!!! 80, 80, 80, 84, 80, 79….. There wasn’t a gradual cool off, but a DRASTIC drop from nearly unbearable to MOST pleasant. Go outside today, listen to the word of the Lord to you. It will sound like this:

   My dear one, my refining fire was never intended to hurt you, only to help you. Refiners%20Fire

When the firing is complete I won’t leave you in the heat one second more than is necessary, but will RUN to you and deliver you into my loving arms. Watch what I did with the heat of the days past, compared to today’s cool. I’m showing you something. Can I not remove you from the heat of the fire in a split instant… into the Oasis of my love?


I am pleased pleased pleased with you, my child. Don’t doubt for a minute my immense love for you. I’m covering and caring for your children on earth with the same love that I’m caring for your children here. You will never on this earth know what measures of my love I am bestowing on you and your family in these days. I’m only giving you a glimpse here and there. Don’t fear in these days, my dear one. You’re not passing through the fire alone. You may not feel my hand or see my loving face, but I’m here… right beside you… silently, quietly, patiently, holding your hand.

I love you,



  Wait, God takes great delight in ME? And Jehovah will quiet me with His love?

Wow! Such a beautiful peaceful image, reminding me of the times when my presence alone can quiet my crying baby. 

  If people of the Bible times threw themselves to the ground and covered their faces at the sheer awe they felt at hearing the sound of God’s voice from the top of the mountain, can you imagine what would occur if he rejoiced over us with SINGING?!

Joyful singing from the Most High for ME?!




3 thoughts on “A Letter From Daddy

  1. Oh my goodness! What an encouraging and inspiring letter. Such a special gift God has given you in that man. I love to hear the prayers of folks like this who are so close to the Lord, they can hear Him when He whispers. I have a friend like that too, and I run to her often with prayer requests. We have SO much to be thankful for. God sends rainbows in the storms and keeps us lifted up. Praying for you today. XO

  2. Hi my dear! I am so happy you have been encouraged by our heavenly father’s word. I am wondering if the Lord may show you that His plan is so much better than just staying in Tonya Land?

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