Paxton’s 1st Date….

Well, PLAY date that is.

  Meet Meadow, she is 2 weeks younger than Paxton.

Even though Paxton was clearly not open to a friendship at the start….


They are great friends now!

 We were happy to get to watch her while her Mommy went to the dentist.


“Whatcha doin’ Meadow?”


“How’d ya get that thing up your nose?”


“Sure looks fun!”


“It is, Paxton, it really is.”




“Don’t worry about it, Pax, one of these days you’ll figure it out.”


“Wanna be best friends, Meadow?”


“Sure! But maybe later…..”


“……..I’m getting a little sleepy.”


Where’s Meadow?                                                                  Peek a boo, pretty girl!


“Uh Mom, what are you doing to me?”


“It feels kinda funny up here….”


“I’ll help you, Pax.”


“Oh, that’s better.  Why thank you, Meadow.”


“Let’s be friends forever…….”


Stay tuned for yet another recipe, I told you I had one scheduled nearly every day for the rest of the month!!!


6 thoughts on “Paxton’s 1st Date….

  1. OHMYGOODNESS!!! You not only take phenomenal pictures, you tell a fantastic story with them too! I cracked up to see the headband on Paxton…hilarious! Who knows what great friends they’ll become! Thanks for sharing your fun….

  2. Love the pictures every time I see them!! Marvin and the girls really liked seeing them last night too, your post is adroable, but I am not partial to both of these babies or anything like that!! 🙂
    – Meadow’s Mommy

  3. This is adorable!! Your commentary took it over the top…and Paxton could totally pull off the headband look….if he wanted! I think my favorites are the baby feet pictures–there’s something so sweet and soothing about lil baby footsies.

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