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  Today is a CRAZY day for me! Super duper crazy. I committed to both coordinate AND photograph a wedding this weekend. The bride lives in Thailand, so I was her hands and feet through this planning process, and as we speak, am probably running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, trying to decorate, and get my ducks in a row for tomorrow’s big day AND still be Mommy.

No pressure, right!?!?!?!?

So, seeing as how I cannot possibly blog today, I have something super fun planned for you: I’ve asked my cousin, Cassi, from Laughter & Lattes to share an oh-so hilarious “You Know You’re A Mom When….” post. She is new to the blogging world, so make sure you show her some blog-love today! 🙂 Without further adieu, take it away, Cassi……

Hello readers getting their daily peek into Tonya-land! Today’s post will be a little different as it will come straight to you from the Land of Cassi.
I am a young, stay-at-home-momma of a 16 month old girl. I love my faith, family, friends, husband, learning other’s  parenting techniques, cloth diapering, encouraging others, learning a little photography,  trying new recipes and my husband and daughter. Tonya is my friend and 3rd cousin – so what I have in common with you all, is that I love her too!
I am new to the blogging world and she has kindly taken me under her wing and showed me the ropes. My blog is about everything I love (the long list above) along with balancing life, saving money, adjusting to parenting, life in our hometown, marriage, life lessons and much much more! You never question how I’m feeling, and my guarantee is that everything you read will be REAL.
Every Sunday I write a post that has things that happened to me in the week that reminded me what it is like to be a Mom. I whittled my list down to 25 true facts from my life about motherhood. I’m sharing it with you today, and it is a special list, just for the readers of 4littleFergusons, enjoy!
You Know You’re A Mom When…

1. You cut up all the food into little bites… including your own.

2. You don’t even bother closing the bathroom door anymore, because there is no such thing as “peeing in peace”.

3. You realize that your husband is no longer the primary person whose inner life is frustratingly mysterious to you.

4. You have served meals where ketchup was the vegetable (are tomatoes even a vegetable? Oh well.)

5. You say things to your husband  like: “Dave, did you drink your root beer all gone?” and “Honey are you ready to go night night?”

6. You have had experience using a strainer (dedicated to the bathroom) to scoop out the bathtub floaties. Ew.

7. With all the stain remover you buy, you could be the Shout® spokesperson.

8. You leave the house in mismatched flip-flops because your daughter put them on you and you forgot to change. Heck, you’re lucky you remembered your clothes!

9. It is okay to let your child take all the DVDs off the shelf because it buys you 5 minutes

10. You realize that if you are not careful, you and your husband may become one of those freaky old couples who call each other “mommy” and “daddy”

11. You are able to catch spewing liquid with your bare hands.

12. When having company, you try to put together a list of snack foods you can make. When you go to your pantry for ideas, you realize you can serve the menu of animal crackers, fig newtons and teddy grahams

13. You speak in “we” when it’s obvious you are only talking to your child. “Adelynn we are going to go lay down.”, “We are going to have a diaper change.”, “No, we don’t play in the trash can.”

14. You hear the sound of a truck stopping outside, so you rush to the window to make sure it’s not a Fed-Ex/UPS man about to ring your doorbell, and end the precious nap time.

15. You let your child do it, even though it takes twice as long.

16. You wait until nap time to eat the cookie you are craving so you don’t have to share

17. You have crawled all over the nursery at 4am searching for the pacifier like your life depended on it

18. Your To-Do list has 37 items on it.  When faced with free time, the thought of getting all of it done is too much work so you decide to take a nap.

19. You start humming the songs your child’s toys make… when you’re alone.

20. You can sleep through thunderstorms complete with hail, but your child’s cough wakes you in a second.

21. You get kissed and your face is left with the mushed up animal crackers that were previously on your daughter’s lips.

22. You can no longer watch the evening news.

23. Your fears of giant bugs have vanished, because there are much worse things out there. Besides, no way will you let a nasty creepy crawly thing near your precious kiddo!

24. You eat real meals now since you can no longer eat popcorn for dinner three nights in a row.

25. You complain to your husband that you have a hard job and that you are tired. But you both know that you would never trade it for anything else.

If you related to this list, feel free to visit me over at Laughter and Lattes  anytime!

Thanks, Tonya for letting me be a part of your blog today!  Love, Cassi


  Thank you so much for coming over today to share your hilarious Top 25, Cassi!!!

  Have a great weekend everyone, if you think about it tomorrow, say a prayer that I capture what the couple wants and still keep things running smoothly!!!!!!  


See ya Monday……



8 thoughts on “Laughter & Lattes

  1. Thanks for sharing this great post – Tonya AND Cassi. VERY nice! How wonderful C has someone like T to learn from. I’m sure the wedding pix will be gorgeous…I pray T manages to getter done and not collapse in the process. Whewie! What a busy buzzy mom you are! Thinking of and praying for you this weekend….

  2. Good job, Cassi! I enjoyed your blog and yes, all those parental comments were intergrated into our vocabularies and activities. Just a note; It takes years for you to get back into an everyday adult conversations. It is embarrassing to tell the office staff that you are going to “din din”!

  3. First: I have an Adelyn too who is 16 months old (May 10th 2010, what about you?)

    Second: Are those BGs on your cloths line? 3.0? 4.0? We love our 3.0s, Flips, and GroVias too. Have you tried the Weehuggers?

    Third: Love your blog. Tonya, how have I not met your cousin who I share so much in common with before?

    Fourth: ALL 25 things I have done/experienced.


    • WOW! We must have some how been separated at birth! I sent my blog entry to Tonya last month and wasn’t thinking ahead. My Adelynn is 17 months (April 8, 2010) very close in age! How cool!

      You are a fantastic cloth momma to spot the BGs! They are 3.0s. We tried the GroVias and they just didn’t work for us. Leaked onto the shell often so that kind of defeated the purpose. I have a friend who uses the Flips and really likes them! Besides the BGs, we use Rumparooz. 2/3 of our stash is RaRz. The other 1/3 is BGs. We have never tried the Weehuggers, do you recommend them?

      I saw you subscribed, Michele. I haven’t visited your blog yet, but I look forward to doing so. Thanks for the subscription! Do you live in the same town as Tonya? I do!

      • I haven’t tried the Weehuggers yet, they were recommended to me by the lady at Healthy Baby Boutique. I’ve been trying to find someone who has used them before I buy (they more expensive than Flips, but the same idea.) We had a problem with our GroVias leaking until we got the new liners that have the PUL on the bottom. I love the GroVia velcro, it never gets other stuff stuck in it!

        I do love our 3.0s though, and I don’t really see a reason to switch to 4.0s they don’t look all that different (plus we got them during the buy 5 get 1 free deal.)

        Yes, I live in town. 🙂

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