An Afternoon At the Pumpkin Patch

  Thanks to the generosity of Harvest Farm and a special friend, we were blessed to spend a worry-free afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday. 


  This family friendly place offers hay rack rides, a zip line, giant sand box, farm themed playground, huge slide from the hay loft, trike race track, train rides, petting zoo, and so much more.  All friendly Halloween-free fun!


  Harvest Farms is famous for their PUNKINATOR!


(This made me grin because growing up my Daddy always called me his “Punkin”, which is now Destiny’s nickname.) 

  This pumpkin-shooting canon was mounted to an old fire truck.  They were shooting pumpkins nearly half a mile with this puppy!


The kids were scared it was going to be loud, but they soon learned, it wasn’t….it was just TOTALLY COOL! 


Here are the photos of our fun afternoon:


You know you are a mom of 4 when……

Your baby bites the dust, er, straw, and you choose to snap a couple of pictures before swooping in to his rescue.


Poor sweet baby Pax! 🙂


The water stations were really fun!


So were the Corn Cannons!


Paxton: “This corn canon is SO loud!” 

(It really wasn’t, but in baby-land, maybe it is?!)




Hay Bale Maze, which was trampled a bit by the masses that came before us, but the kids had no complaints.  They had a blast climbing and exploring:


This farm was just beautiful!  Made Dale miss the farm days of his youth.  I informed him that this City Girl was perfectly content on our 17 acres, 5 minutes from town: Half Country-Half City, perfect for us!  🙂




Pax having a snack & watching the kids do the Zip Line:

(which was their FAVORITE thing, by the way)



Farm Version of the Yo-yo and a super fun Hay-Loft Slide:





186189 (2)





All that playing made the kids HUNGRY!  Ham & Cheese sandwiches hit the spot.


244HUGE sugar cookies were for dessert…..what a treat!


Paxton is a man of few words, like : Ball and Hot.  But as he sat in this chair, he DISTINCTLY said over and over ‘Rock-rock, rock-rock, rock-rock’ in this precious sing-songy baby voice. He, of COURSE, refused to say it again when Dale came back. 


“Hi guys!”


One last thing before we head home……

This CRAZY trike!


Dale was a SUPER crazy driver and about threw us a couple time with his sharp turns.  Typical male driver, I tell ya!


  Thank you to our “Mailbox Angels” for blessing us with the “Fun Funds” for a much-needed family day!  And thanks again to Danielle of Turon Harvest Farm & Pumpkin Patch, for allowing us the special privilege of being their guests for the afternoon! 


May the Lord richly bless you all for your generosity!

In Christ,

~Tonya for the Ferguson Family


That was fun, Momma! Lets come back again soon!



14 thoughts on “An Afternoon At the Pumpkin Patch

  1. This looks like so much fun! We went to a similar place this weekend and had a BLAST! I was SO sad to read about your computer crash. It made my heart hurt for you. Can’t wait to see what you have coming up!

  2. I just found your blog through Cassi’s (laughterandlatte’s) Love how you documented your day with pictures. Perfect story telling with words and images! Enjoyed reading it!
    You have a beautiful family.


  3. What fabulous pictures of such a sweet time with your family! Love ’em all.
    And I know I’ve asked you this before . . . but what lens do you use? I love, love, love your photography.

  4. Awesome pictures!!! I love this place we have been going every year since Piper was 2 1/2 years old. One year the year Piper was in Kindergarten I was there 6 times between us taking company there and field trips and our own family trip!!! This place really are my favorite pictures of the whole year every year!!! You have some really AAaaaaMAzing angles and views I love them all!!! I am still pretty bummed that the day we went this year it rained the whole time. We had the whole place to ourselves but I do not have all the cool pictures I planned to have with my new camera and skills. I am trying hard to convince Marvin to let us all go back this coming Saturday so we can get more pictures LOL!!!

    Thanks for sharing Tonya so much inspiration and awe from your pictures 🙂

  5. Looks like you all had a wonderful day!
    Awesome captures …Ummm who takes the photos of you and Dale?
    That Farm really looks like a fun family place to spend a Fall day!

  6. I really enjoyed reading your post. I have written a similar post recently adding as many pictures, but Briley Farms in NC did not have the extent of fun that you have shown due in part to Hurricane Irene (also in pictures). Being fairly new to writing a blog, I have learned a bit from yours, thank you!

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