4 Little Fergusons Photography

   Make sure to go back and catch today’s first post for Baked Chicken Taquitos with Creamy-Lime Sauce.  You aren’t going to want to miss that one!

   I was recently privileged to take a family session for some friends of ours from church.  My “just for fun photography” has turned into a nice little endeavor for me, and a total answer to prayer during this tight time in our lives.  This session will take provide the funds for us to get new tires for the Tahoe.  Not a fun way to spend the money, but a necessary evil before winter comes.  I praise God for His continual provision!

  Here are some of my favorites this session:

Bretz Family Photo Session 003Bretz Family Photo Session 010Bretz Family Photo Session 018 (2)Bretz Family Photo Session 023Bretz Family Photo Session 040Bretz Family Photo Session 044-2Bretz Family Photo Session 062-2Bretz Family Photo Session 065Bretz Family Photo Session 067-4Bretz Family Photo Session 069Bretz Family Photo Session 077Bretz Family Photo Session 075Bretz Family Photo Session 087-2Bretz Family Photo Session 089 (2)-2Bretz Family Photo Session 096Bretz Family Photo Session 097Bretz Family Photo Session 098-2Bretz Family Photo Session 099Bretz Family Photo Session 108Bretz Family Photo Session 122Bretz Family Photo Session 132 (2)Bretz Family Photo Session 132 (3)Bretz Family Photo Session 151Bretz Family Photo Session 161-2Bretz Family Photo Session 160Bretz Family Photo Session 170Bretz Family Photo Session 171Bretz Family Photo Session 191-1Bretz Family Photo Session 201Bretz Family Photo Session 211Bretz Family Photo Session 217Bretz Family Photo Session 224Bretz Family Photo Session 236Bretz Family Photo Session 239Bretz Family Photo Session 249 

Thanks to this fun family for such a great session, and for allowing me the opportunity to do this for you!


Bretz Family Photo Session 262-2


21 thoughts on “4 Little Fergusons Photography

  1. There are so lovely! Wow! What type of camera do you use? I’m looking for one now. I don’t plan to go professional but want to do have a good one for our family.

  2. These are great photos Tonya! I had actually already seen them when googling family photo sessions yesterday trying to get ideas for our upcoming shoot. With two twenty-something boys, one daughter-in-law, and one soon-to-be daughter-in-law, there are not as many examples of unique and different poses out there. I don’t want the same old here-we-are-in-a-line shots this time. I took the liberty of pinning some of these on Pinterest so I could show them to our photographer. Thanks!

  3. Dude. Im really impressed by your family pictures! I love the “love” ones towards the top. do you have a pricing sheet? i will keep you in mind for ours next year?

  4. Oh my gosh T, you did such a great job! Can I buy one of the ones that spells l o v e on the chairs with the flowers beside them?

  5. Isn’t it so awesome how the Lord gifts us in things that we love to do? That is how my speaking ministry was. I’m not able to do it as much because of health limitations, but I’m doing an Advent tea this year….when my kids were younger though, I was able to do more and I loved it so. And just like you said, the money always came just when we needed it for something for the kids or the car or the house or you know…….the pictures are beautiful. Maybe I’ll have to come to Kansas with my grandkids so you can take pictures of them. I think my 16 month old that lives with us would love meeting Paxton. They could find some good things to do together. Hugs & Blessings.

  6. Adore these pics Tonya!!! I love them you did an Awesome job on them 🙂 I love the family in the pics too so that makes it even easier to love the pictures, but really these pics are just WONDERFUL!!!

    – Your Always Cheerleader as you put it 🙂

  7. OH MY WORD!!!!!!!!!!!! First….do you feel old…those beautiful girls…we babysat?!? ok…moving on…amazing photos!!!!Could I have your autograph please?!?

  8. I could tell just by the pictures you included with your recipes that photography was in your blood. These photos are amazing! And something for that lucky family to treasure forever.

    • NIKKI! Hi friend! 🙂 I have missed you. Everytime I come to your blog and leave comments, they disappear. 😦 I was so sad to come back and see none of them were there. So even if you don’t hear from me, I am reading and THINKING comments to you! LOL 🙂

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