Halloween Or Halloweenie?

   As you know, this blog just turned 1 last week, so here is the new dilemma I discussed with you Friday:

Surely I can I start RE-posting things now that we are at the year mark, right?  Especially as the holiday’s come up?

  I’ve covered everything we do each year once, so I guess we’ll just keep revisiting those traditions each year, as we have new readers now.  A LOT of new readers! YAY!  Welcome, I am so glad you come each week to visit us! 🙂

Without further adieu, I give you last years Halloween post, newly revised:

Halloween Or Halloweenie?

  Halloween is here, and with it comes the moral battle I hear mom’s going through each and every year:

 Do we, or do we not allow our kids to celebrate Halloween? Does it dishonor God if we chose to participate?

Even if we call it, “Fall Festival”, are we participating in an evil holiday that was primarily made to honor the lord of death?

Here are some Halloween articles with varying views: What is yours?

Trick or Treat, or Abstain

Exposing Halloween

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

  When I was a kid, we were not allowed to go trick or treating, or even give away candy to trick or treater’s! We posted a sign on our door that said “‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.’ We do not celebrate Halloween!” You’d be surprised how many candy-hungry kids, still rang the doorbell! It wasn’t a big deal to me, we go to hang out in the basement, watch a movie and have snacks! Cool! (Of course, church carnivals were not so readily available back then either!)

Dale and I choose to allow our kids to dress up in nice, friendly costumes, and go to our churches Fall Festival. It’s a carnival, which means fun booths and inflatable’s! They also get some candy, but you know me and sugar, they can each have a piece (or three) that night, but we leave most of it at the church for the other kids to enjoy……

Ok, ok fine! I admit it!

I keep all the good chocolate candy to indulge in later.

What can I say? It’s great to be the mom! 🙂

Destiny goes to a Christian school, and they don’t even have a day where they can come to school in costume, in fact, the past 2 years there has been no school for Parent Teacher Conferences, genius!  If she was in public school and was invited to dress up, would I allow her to do so, and participate in a celebration of Halloween at school? I don’t know. If I had a guess, I’d probably allow her to dress up.  The next question that comes to mind is would I allow her to stay for the party?  Hmm, again, I don’t know.  I’d probably have to make sure the party games, activities and movies were appropriate before I could make that decision. I remember there were kid’s in my class pulled one year by their parents because of a spooky movie being shown in the library.  I assume my mom didn’t know about it, or I’d would’ve been outta there too!  🙂  I remember hating it, but being to scared to leave without a note.

   What are your thoughts on taking a stand against Halloween?  Does it change it for you when you think your child will be the ONLY one not in costume at school today? Would you pull your kids out of school this afternoon if you find out they are watching a creepy movie, or something you deem inappropriate? Or is it just easier to go with the flow and talk to your kids about what is appropriate or not later on, at home?

  Unless Dale and I feel God is asking us to take a stand in a different way, we will choose to allow our children to dress up to go to the church carnival on the evening of Halloween. No haunted houses, no spooky costumes, no creepy Halloween movies or tv shows will be watched.

  We just explained to our kids, in simple terms, that we feel Halloween is satan’s holiday and we will not participate by going trick or treating or doing any of those kind of Halloween activities. Then we remind them that night also happens to be Fall Festival, and they are welcome to go there instead to celebrate fall, and honor God by being in His house.

To them it’s as simple as that:

Fall Fest = candy and fun at church!

  When they get to be teens, I am sure we’ll re-visit this issue, but for now, we are all good! Besides, if you ask me, once they outgrow participating in the carnival, they can WORK at the carnival! I just don’t want them out and about on the streets that night. Too many creepy people, doing creepy things after the kiddies have all crashed from a sugar coma and been tucked into bed.

What is your stand on Halloween? What are your children allowed or not allowed to participate in?

  Last year, our family dressed up in 50′s clothing. Fun, friendly and fabulous 5o’s! Man I would’ve loved to live back then. 

Look at little Pax! How do they change SO much in just 1 short year??


This year we are doing Cowboys & Indians!  Dale and I don’t always dress up to match our kids, but if it works out, we LOVE it! 🙂  I’ll post pics tomorrow.

So, baaaa-ck to the topic at hand……Am I a sheep just blindly following the herd?

Or I am doing the right thing by finding a middle ground, and allowing my kids to participate, but only if they go to church that night?

The great Halloween debate continues……

  So, does me not taking a 100% Yes or No stand on Halloween, make me a Halloweenie?

~T 🙂


12 thoughts on “Halloween Or Halloweenie?

  1. Hi T and Happy Fall Festival,
    I think you are doing the right thing because you were brought up the same way by your parents.
    We were allowed to go trick or treating growing up but my parents went with us and we went to my grandparents neighborhood to do so. Down the one block and back up the other side and that was it. We also had to dump all our candy together (6 kids) so there was no fighting over it and my parents had control over the rationing.

    • I think you are doing a great job with your kiddos because you are trying to do what you feel is right. As a child I was allowed to trick or treat with my sisters and dress up in cute costumes as a fun night. My parents made it very clear that we weren’t celebrating anything but instead were having fun to welcome fall. As long as you follow your heart I don’t think you can go wrong!
      ps. your fifties costumes were adorable! Can’t wait to see this years 🙂

  2. Hello! Did you know Jesus wasn’t born on December 25? That is the day the church chose to celebrate it in order to ‘take over’ the pagan festivals around the winter solstice. Make the day into whatever you choose! In our neighborhood we find many elderly people who really enjoy seeing all of the kids once a year. We tell our munchkins that it is fun to dress up once a year and it is kind to visit people who don’t get out to visit very often. Our FFA club at the high school trick or treats to pick up canned goods for the food pantry. Make the holiday into whatever you choose and save the stress and worry for when they learn to drive! lol

    • Great point Michelle!! It is very true that pagan holidays predate Christian ones. This does not make them bad or evil. We can choose what and HOW to celebrate and that’s the most important thing. Growing up I was allowed to trick or treat in my grandparents neighborhood because we knew everyone on the block, since most of them had been there for 20 or more years like my grandparents. We always dressed funny not scary and it was so much fun for my siblings and myself.

  3. I know several christians who do not celebrate Halloween. I feel that they do not fully understand what they are rejecting. It is not for me to judge, so please don’t misunderstand. But if we rejected everything pagan then we would not celebrate Christmas or Easter either. In fact my husband and I went through a short time when we did not, and my heart ached for the traditions (and the fun). What these holidays have become to each of us is an association we make through our childhood traditions, our parents’ teachings, and what we learn in church. God knows our hearts. As for the upcoming teenage years, I admit it was harder to keep the costumes clean once my oldest turned 13. Luckily my youngest still likes to dress up as a ninja 🙂 You are doing right by your family and I encourage you to stay strong in the middle of that road! 🙂

  4. Tonya
    First I just love your blog and look forward to reading it each day. It either gives me a hardy laugh or a thought to think about.
    We have always let our kids go trick or treating just in our neighborhood. They usually wore costumes that we made together and never gorey or bad ones. They all picked fun ones we could make out of things we had and painted their faces. I still love to have kids come to our door and see the costumes they wear.
    One year we had a ice storm come throught so we went to a couple neighbors home for candy and then went to grandma’s house to make peppernuts for the holiday. The kids still dressed up and loved spending time with their Grandma.
    I feel halloween is a fun time for kids and parents, just let the kids know it’s just for fun.

  5. I don’t think there’s any harm in dressing up or trick-or-treating, but I do find the death themes distasteful and unnecessary. Once I saw a kid (2 or 3 years old) holding onto a plastic severed goblin head. I remember feeling so angry that this child was allowed to play with something so disturbing and violent–and that there was a holiday encouraging that! So I would probably just make sure my kids dressed in costumes that were not centered around death. I’ll have to give it more thought. Each family should definitely follow their conscience in this, like you guys are doing!

  6. Well…Marius was never allowed to go trick or treating, they went to a church service instead. I did go trick or treating, but we were never gorey dressed. What we choose to do with Mac, is that we go to our churches fun fest, which sounds similar to yours! Then we’re doing fireworks ourselves at home. We also are bringing our little niece this year! Sometimes I’m dressed up…sometimes I”m not. This year, Marius won’t even be there because he is working late, then butchering up a deer! Have fun fun fun tonight!!!

  7. I think it depends what purpose Halloween has for your family, and that will determine if it’s right or wrong. If Halloween is a day when you go out and have fun with your family, attend local parties or gatherings with other people of your community in the spirit of good, clean, fun, dress up in a costume {like my kids do most days of the week} and knock on the doors in your neighborhood with a happy greeting and give thanks for the treats, then Halloween is 100% awesome! My husband and I commented last night that more people are out with their families in their neighborhoods on Halloween than on National Night Out. People are friendly and open their doors to strangers, handing out treats to everyone who knocks on their doors-no questions asked…I mean, come on. Jesus would hate that? LOL!

    For my family, as Catholics, it is the Eve of All Saints Day, a religious day. Halloween is another opportunity to talk about our faith with our children. Each treat is a celebration of those saints and their contributions to mankind. {I read one of your link articles and agree with the closing:

    “It is the responsibility of each Christian to decide, based on biblical and Christian principles, whether to participate in Halloween activities, and TO AVOID JUDGING OTHER CHRISTIANS WHO HAVE DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCES AND MAKE DIFFERENT DECISIONS.” }

    God knows what’s in our hearts.

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