The Many Places & Faces of Pax

   There is never a dull moment around here, NEVER.  Paxton is our most active, into everything, see it-conquer-it child, YET.  And he makes the funniest faces to boot! 



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So in honor of this mischievous little boy we are so blessed to have in our home, I have composed a post about the Many Faces and Places of Pax.

Ice Cream Snatcher: Here Pax is helping himself to the Homemade Ice Cream at Great Grandpa’s Birthday party while no one was watching him.

Pax and the ice cream

Escape Artist:  Dale came home from work to Pax standing out in our lane in his socks recently. The sneaky little stinker had figured out how to open the back door and let himself out…QUIETLY!  Thank the LORD he was fine! But he sure gave me a HEART ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  None of the other kids EVER did this!


Fitness Guru: He loves to climb & play on the work out equipment at Great Grandpa and Grandma’s house.



Snack Sneaker:  If you don’t watch it, he’ll steal your snack and shove it all in one bite before you can say, “HEY! That was MIIIIIIIINE!”  Better not set your bowl down, right, Avery?

See that mouthful?  That’s the prune Grandma gave Avery for snack.







Scooter Stealer:  Pax likes to get on Grandpas scooter and push all the buttons.


Bunk Bed Bounder: he can scale bunk bed ladders in a single bound! And, after he is done messing with all of Destiny’s stuff, he can carefully back down too!


Step Stool Climber: He moves the step stool all over so he can get into things on the counter.


Table Topper:  He likes to climb on the table, grab apples and say: “BALL” as he chucks them across the room.


Chair Crusader:  Pax likes to get up on this chair and tell everyone how big he is!


While he is up there anyways, he decides to reek havoc on my décor….

“Uh-oh! Dropped it…”


“Now what can I do?”


“I know, I know, I’ll head over and have a snack……”


Fridge Defroster:


“Got it!  Now, how do I get this thing open?   MO-OM! A little help please….”


“WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? All that work and you aren’t going to let me eat this?”



Counter Crawler: Paxton likes to wait until you are not looking to crawl on the counter and play in the sink.002

(Yes, he is wearing a lavender bib, he has 2 big sisters, what do you expect!?  Besides, it goes so well with his purple and pink Sippy cups!)

Oatmeal Dumper:  This is Paxton, escaped from the highchair, sitting on my kitchen counter wearing his Oatmeal on his head. 

This is his face after he heard my gasp and exclaim:

“What in the world are you DOING, child!?”


Thankfully my camera was handy! 🙂

  I am telling you, if it’s quiet, don’t finish your laundry folding, don’t take a phone call, don’t even stop to get a drink, don’t walk….RUN to see what Paxton is getting into, cause it’s bound to be MESSY! 

(Soon after this photo was taken, Paxton put a good portion of the toilet paper into the toilet while Avery watched.  Nice.)


I love you my sweet, sweet, but oh-s0 naughty, Baby Tankers! 

(“Tank” is Paxton’s nickname because of how huge he was at birth, it stuck because of the Plow-through-life-nothing-stands-in-his-way-approach he takes. Funny how he grew RIGHT into this nickname!!!!!)

Happy Thursday!