Fall Family Work Day

   I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, surrounded by those you love most!  Praying for safe travels for all of you as you head back home….. I for one, plan on being lazy by the fire in elastic waist pants all day, just vegging out with our Florida guests and playing games with the kids. 🙂

  We were so blessed to have a warm Fall day recently, sun shining, a bit brisk, but a lovely day to be outside for sure!  We all pitched in to help daddy tidy up the back part of the property, and while we were at it, set up a few spots for future photo shoots.

  I am finding that the more I take photos for others, the less I am taking of my own family.  It’s like that itchy Trigger Finger is being quieted, as I snap shots of others.  The editing part is also a bit daunting and more photos means more work.  However, it was really fun to get to take some of my kiddos and Dale today as we worked together.


Old red sheet metal we found makes a perfect backdrop!!!!



Wish this was on OUR side of the property line….OR that it wasn’t surrounded by thorns!!!


Thanks for letting me share!

Have a great one!


9 thoughts on “Fall Family Work Day

  1. We have a old “crib” on our farm property that reminds me of the little building you said you wished was on your side. We are planning to use it in our family photo shoot this Sunday along with our old barn! Wish I had a really cool looking vintage sofa to put out in front of it, but I don’t so we wil make do with a really cool looking family-haha!!

  2. We had 3-days of out of town guests for Thanksgiving and one of our best ever Holiday get togethers !
    Gald yours was a good one as well.
    Wow those are some Gorgeous Photos!

  3. You found some amazing photo props!! How awesome that they were just lying around your property, waiting to be discovered. 🙂 Love the pics of your kids–you capture them so beautifully. Earflap hats seem to be all the rage this year. I feel like I need to go get one for myself so I can be one of the cool kids!

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Your kids have the most amazing eyes, and you do a great job capturing their personalities on camera.
    And I can’t wait to see you incorporate those awesome backdrops in future shoots!

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