Paxton’s 1st Haircut

Why is it, that we mom’s put off that first haircut so long? Is it really THAT big of an occasion in the lives of our children?  Does it really make them seem older to get a trim?  Maybe.  Guess the more kids you have, the less important this sorta thing is, because rather than put if off as long as possible, I just did it.

  Trimming the girls’ bangs didn’t seem like that big of a deal, and Ty had no hair at a year, so I didn’t have to worry about his until all his mess of curls sprung up closer to 2.  Dale had a FIT that I wouldn’t cut it.  It was just too stinkin’ cute!

Ty, age 1

Ty, age 2021


Ty, age 3

But Paxton was growing a mullet at age 1, and enough was enough! It was time for a hair cut!

Paxton August, 2001, at his 1st birthday party.

1st bday 3

  He was less than trilled by the idea at first….but soon figured out he wasn’t going anywhere till mom got the job done!




And yes, the curls are STILL there!   🙂


  This first haircut is another “Last First” at the Ferguson house, but you know what, I am ok with it! 

You know what they say, When you know you are “done”…..

You just KNOW!


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5 thoughts on “Paxton’s 1st Haircut

  1. He is so cute. Love the hair long or short. His eye make you want to say yes to everything. Love the pictures and the stories you share.

  2. Oh goodness – I have to say…my tummy did a flip flop when I read the title of this post. : / Pax reminds me so much of our youngest son with those adorable curls. I well remember HOW grown up he seemed after his first haircut. How great you could do it yourself! I’m relieved to know there are still some curlies there…..he’s such a dollbug!

  3. He’s so cute either way!

    People always ask us how many kids we plan to have. We always just tell them that we don’t know! 2-4 most likely, but we just truly believe we will know when we are done! So glad to hear that you get that feeling of closure!

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