4 little Fergusons Photography: Kids Sessions

  I recently had the privilege of photographing some precious kiddos from church, as well as doing a mini-session with my niece and nephew at a family birthday party. 

Here are my favorites from their sessions:

010013-1Harris Family Photos 027 (2)037-2049-vintage2Harris Family Photos 056 (2)058-2064-b&w069-vintage075-1Harris Family Photos 095 (2)Harris Family Photos 099-1Harris Family Photos 104-2Harris Family Photos 112-1Harris Family Photos 117-1Harris Family Photos 124 (2)Harris Family Photos 147 (2)Harris Family Photos 150-1Harris Family Photos 160-1Harris Family Photos 171-croppedHarris Family Photos 184-1Harris Family Photos 208-3Harris Family Photos 243-textHarris Family Photos 249-textHarris Family Photos 254-antiquedPicnik collage-2Picnik collage-text

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Have I mentioned that I am LOVING this job?  Smile



7 thoughts on “4 little Fergusons Photography: Kids Sessions

  1. What cuties–ALL of them! Though my favoritest of favorites are the ones of the brother and sister looking at each other. The little blond one has such vivacious, amazing expressions! They’re going to laugh so hard at those pictures (and treasure them!) when they’re older!

  2. OHMYWORD! I was honestly stirred to tears to look at those beautiful beautiful faces! We seem to enjoy that which we love…and it’s no wonder you love photography! You’re SOOO great at it! Thanks for your special comment at my blog today. MUAH! Oh how you make me smile! Enjoy a beautiful weekend. XO

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