Old Timey Photos

  When I was working on the tribute to my Grandpa, I came across some really cool old timey photos from my Dad’s side of the family. 

This is my Grandpa Bontrager and his wife, Nora. She died from cancer when my dad was young.

002003 (2)003004

This is the Uncle my dad was named for.


  See that cart in the background, we HAVE it here on our property! We used it to haul wood last year!!  Cool, right?!?!?!



I love that these family photos are safely in an album preserved for generations to come!

  Here are a few more pics I came across on my photo hunt that made me smile.

Guess who looks like Mommy when she was little?

009 (2)

Take off the pigtails and it’s PAXTON!


He makes this face too. 

008 (2)


Fun, right?!


Be sure to check out Post 2 for today, Wild Rice & Potato Soup, YUMMMMMMMMM!



9 thoughts on “Old Timey Photos

  1. Love these, Tonya! And I can’t believe you still have that cart.
    Also, you and Pax could be the same person according to those photos. The resemblance is so striking!

  2. These photos are SO much fun! Isn’t it cool to dig around in your family history? Some amazing tidbits–and photos–pop up! And WHO–Paxton is the spittin’ image of you!

  3. I must add this….we as mom’s always desire something for the efforts of our labor(so to speak) Tonya has 3 babies that didn’t have her coloring or look exactly like her. The entire time she was preggo with Pax….I just felt this was her “look alike”….God is SO good!!! Here he is….lil Pax!!! LOVE THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yay! Praise the Lord after my oh so loved blonde hair blue eyed babies, I got my brunette! 🙂 God DOES know our hearts desires, doesn’t He! I love that you “called it” from the start. Love u! T

  4. What Fantastic photos!
    It’s fun to see how our kids can look so much like us at those young ages..My middle child looks just like me and his daughter looks just like us 🙂 it’s really fun!
    Just a thought …My kids will sometimes ask me a question that starts with “back in the day” then go on to ask maybe how was this or that …I have brought it to there attention that” Right” now the life they are living is “their back in the day” That everyday they are living what will be their “back in the day” Because at some point in their lives as they grow older the world in general will change and things as they know them will be very different! So they should treasure certain photos and Items that they would love to pass on to their kids and grandkids….Just a thought 🙂
    Like you and your Cart!

    • Great thoughts! I love when my kids ask “back in the old days, when you were a little girl…” I always have to stop and think, MAN I AM GETTING OLD! :)I do want them to be mindful to save special items for their children; Destiny especially is into that right now. She often comments that she wants such and such for her little girl one day.

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