Saran Wrapped Christmas Tree

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I had a reader and friend ask me about my Saran Wrapped Christmas Tree and I realized that some of you weren’t with us last year for “The Big Reveal”

   I saran wrapped my Christmas tree for the first time in 2009, and had Dale haul it out to the shed, where it spent the next year sitting in the corner.  Every time I saw it, I prayed that no spiders or mice were living inside it, waiting to spring out in my house next Christmas when I opened it. 

  So last year, 2010, when no spiders, mice, or other yucky creepy crawlers emerged with my lovely tree, from under the abyss of layer upon layer upon LAYER of giant restaurant quality Saran Wrap, I decided this was TOTALLY the way to do this “Tree with 4 kids thing”.  Someday I imagine us all working as a family to decorate the tree, but until then, I’ll take this fast method instead!  🙂  They like to help with the other stuff better anyways, like decorating their rooms or putting out snowman figurines.

  The only thing I did different at the end of Christmas last year, was I left ON all the breakables rather than removing them as we had done the year before, hoping none would get broken.  AGAIN, it worked.  I literally was done with my tree and the teeny bit of sprucing in 15 minutes this year.  NICE.

  If you can get your hands on some commercial size saran wrap and have a shed for storage, Saran wrapped, fully decorated Christmas trees are the way to go!  (we have a skinny tree by the way, not sure how you’d carry a full size one out your door)

    It may not work for you, but IT WORKS FOR ME!


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10 thoughts on “Saran Wrapped Christmas Tree

  1. Hi Tonya and thanks I appreciate you posting this!
    I hapen to be on here posting under your old photos post 🙂
    Well this is a very interesting idea and I will have to keep it in mind……Wonder If I can talk Hubby into trying this …))
    Ok I’m off to read the “Big Reveal” !

  2. Interesting! I never would have come up with such a great, time-saving idea. Of course, we have neither Christmas tree, shed, nor ornaments (well, our “Christmas tree” is only knee height and with no room for ornaments), but I still like the idea!

  3. That. Is. AWESOME!!! If we had more than 1 closet for outdoor storage, I would totally do this! Of course, our tree is really tiny (it says 6 feet, but I doubt it), so it doesn’t take long to decorate anyway…but who wouldn’t like an extra hour during the holiday season?!

  4. My mom’s tree gets put away each year with one of those huge plastic garbage bag style gift bags (meant for a bike or something big)over it. She bought the bad at 75% off after Christmas and says it’s the best 98 cents she ever spent! Hers goes in the basement, though.

    Think this would work with my live tree?

  5. Have a question ~ we have a smallish 4 foot tree – my mom (I moved her in with me when she fell ill a few years ago) she’s in charge of decorating ~ This weekend as I was preparing to take it down I realized it’s probably the prettiest one shes done since she used to do her big trees – then it hit me I dont know if she’ll even be able to do it next year… so have decided I would like to preserve this… I have a space to keep it inside I I understand I need good quality saran wrap to do it but anything else I need to do? Besides wrap it? do I do the bottom as well can you give me some guidance – lets pretend Im one of your kids 🙂 and need direction –

  6. I have a 6.5 ft. skinny pencil tree because I live in a tiny studio house (with one decent sized closet). I used plastic tall/large garbage bags and simply cut off the closed ends of each bag, except the one that covered the top of the tree, then simply slid them over the tree and tied each one in place with string wrapped around each section until the tree was covered. You can also use cello tape, but I was out of tape. My tree is set up next to the one closet, so I carefully slid the tree the few feet into the back of the closet. Done! Because I only had to slide the tree a few feet to store it, it was faster to use the plastics bags rather than wrapping it in plastic wrap. Also, it’s stored in an indoor closet so no worries about critters…at least not more than the usual indoor type.

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