4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Family Sessions

My friend Heather is a photographer, so she didn’t really need my services, but the trick is, how do we photograph our own families?!?!  We can’t!  So she and I swapped favors and one day, when we are ready, she will photograph my family as well.  🙂  She took her card to do her own edits, but I couldn’t resist playing with a few of my favorites too.


  This next session was with our new Music Minister and his precious family, they just moved here from Venice, Florida.  Poor cold souls!  Their sweet little one’s teeth were chattering by the time our session was done.  I am afraid my outside photo shoots are over for this year, at least until I have a brave family call for snow photos!  I do not have any equipment for indoor shooting, but one day would love to build a natural light studio so we can shoot rain or shine!

  Gage Family Photo Session 008b&wCollage, no textGage Family Photo Session 011Gage Family Photo Session 031-2Gage Family Photo Session 031goldedgeGage Family Photo Session 038 (2)Gage Family Photo Session 038 (3)Gage Family Photo Session 067colorGage Family Photo Session 069textGage Family Photo Session 072softGage Family Photo Session 079-1Gage Family Photo Session 075Gage Family Photo Session 078vintageGage Family Photo Session 097Gage Family Photo Session 116Gage Family Photo Session 118Gage Family Photo Session 139Gage Family Photo Session 230vintageGage Family Photo Session 244-1Gage Family Photo Session 247Gage Family Photo Session 245colorpopPicnik collage3Picnik collage5Picnik collage-comfort&joy

Gage Family Photo Session 038 (2)text

Head over to Post 2 for today: Havarti Ham and Potatoes. SOOO good!


8 thoughts on “4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Family Sessions

  1. Love your pics as always! Where did you find the Christmas Joy card with the brightly colored snowflakes? I haven’t seen that design anywhere and I love it. WishI had seen it before ordering our cards just earliler this morning-LOL!!

  2. What Beautiful families!
    I love the first family holding the “family letters” and that baby girl sitting down and looking up at her brother looking down at her Adorable !!
    And the second family where the brother is giving his sister a kiss on the cheek So Cute!!
    Nicely done Tonya!!

  3. This is my first post on your page! I love your style of photography! Beautiful pictures! Glad I found your page. I love your mix of Faith, Family and Photography….all my favorite things as well!

  4. Great Post Tonya!!! We LOVE our Family pictures and I can’t wait to return the favor and take your family pictures and I only hope I can return picutres to you that you love as much as we love ours!!! 🙂

    Our session was plesant and fun and I could not have asked for a better person to take our pictures!!! 🙂

    I also adore our Sweet Gages pictures you did an Amazing job and I am sure they are very very pleased as well!!!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to meeting up with today for our first “Shoot” Together I am so excited and honored you asked me to help out, it will be so much fun to do this together!!!!

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