Puffy Coat Paralisis

Poor, poor Paxton.



This is the first year he has had to wear a coat.  Last year he was a newborn in his warm cozy car seat.


I’m not sure what the poor guy thinks is happening to him, but the second he is enveloped in this warm, puffy red coat, his little arms go straight out and his legs turn to spaghetti and he falls to the floor.  No kidding.  It’s like I’ve paralyzed him with puffiness or something.



Poor, poor Puffy Coat Paxton.


  You’ll get used to it soon…….




 Mommy sure loves you! 

6 thoughts on “Puffy Coat Paralisis

  1. OH.MY. WORD! I can hardly wait to make all of these…. good thing I haven’t hit the grocery store yet.. especially the red velvet peppermint cookies!!!! YUM YUM YUM!!! Fridays are going to be dangerous for us all now!!! 🙂 LOL

  2. Sounds Delicious!
    Poor Paxton I think he looks like Ralphy’s brother Randy in the Christmas story when he is walking around in his red winter coat with his arms straight out ..LOL….

  3. Giggle Giggle….Pax’s face is just priceless in these pictures. And look at you Missy….way to go to be on the Foodie Friday team. Congrats! I’m headed there now. Thanks much for your sweet comment at my blog today that made my heart do a flip flop. Sending {{hugs}} to you across the {s}miles today. XO

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