Christmas 2011

  I finally got all of my Christmas photos uploaded the other day.  Like I mentioned last week, by the time it’s all said and done, we usually have 7 Christmas get together’s with all the different families.  No, we do NOT do gifts at every one, but there is food.  Lots and lots of food!  🙂  This year we cut a few get togethers out, for the sake of the kids.  We sure enjoy our leisurely days at home as a family, just playing games by the fire and hanging out.


   Here are my photos from Christmas week.  Gotta get them on here, as my plan is to one day print this blog out in book form for my kids to have as the story of their lives.

  Hope you had a safe and Happy New Years!


Christmas Preschool Nativity



Church Drama, finding Jesus in your every day life. Dale was a sheriff, I was a mom with a sick baby in the waiting room of the clinic:



Special gifts from a special friends, our missing Mickey Ears for Pax & darling Heavenly Headband Towers (with headbands!) for the girls:

Picnik collage Thank you!


A new to us, Twister Game!063067

No-no, Pax! That is not how you play!  MOOOOOM! Make him move!


Hmm, not how you play, huh….


How ‘bout I spin round and round on my bottom? I bet THAT’S how you do it!


Let the Family Christmases begin!










  We ended our week of Christmas fun with a GIANT gut the Play Closet cleaning session with my 2 little helpers!  Pax was taking a morning nap, and Destiny was at a slumber party, so we saved the Arts and Crafts drawers for her to organize when she got home.  This is one of those projects that would’ve been easier for Dale and I to tackle after everyone was in bed, but man, it was such a teachable moment I had major guilt thinking about passing it up! 🙂

They did great and we were very very proud of them.  It’s hard to say good-bye to toys, even when new ones are coming in.

Picnik collage

  Happy Tuesday!


16 thoughts on “Christmas 2011

  1. WOW! I get overwhelmed to even THINK about all the pictures you have to deal with on the puter….lotsa smiles…lotsa fun…lotsa food…lotsa family…lotsa Jesus! What a glorious CHRISTmas season you had! Thanks so much for sharing. Your kids are just adorable and I love their new pic together!!!

  2. Precious, precious! And my are you SPEEDY! I haven’t even LOOKED at all my Christmas photos yet–yikes. Will you come over and process mine for me? Pretty please? =)

    • Welll, since you said pretty please….. Nope. Still won’t do it. LOL LOL 🙂 I have OCD, it kicks in every few hundred photos. I can’t help it. I also have been known to fluff couch pillows every single time I walk past, what can I say, it’s a blessing and a curse. 😉

  3. I would like to adopt Destiny, thankyouverymuch. Every single time I see a picture of her, she is being such a GREAT big sister, and seriously – I just see her beautiful heart every time I see her sweet face! So, whenever I can come pick her up, let me know and I’ll be on the way. Love, love your precious family!

  4. Wow, you guys had a jam-packed Christmas season!! When I got to the photos of you guys playing Twister, I was like, “Who is that kid playing Twister with the Fergusons?” It seriously took me about five seconds to realize “that kid” is TONYA. Doh!!! You blended right in with Destiny! 🙂

  5. What a great set of family fun and so much love involved!
    I love that just about the time I’m thinking To bad Tonya din’t get into any photos you pop up in one :))

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