The Heart of Worship

 Destiny has a heart for worship.  She loves to express herself to the Lord in song and praise.  Dale and I pray over our kids each night, that the Lord would reveal their God-given gifts and talents at an early age, so that we can nurture those and help them to grow to be used for the Glory of God!  I will be very curious to see if this is her gifting!


  Hi, this is Destiny!  I am excited to be here and this is my 2nd blog post. Mom let me write one this summer, it was SUPER fun!  You can see it here.

  I wrote 3 1/2 songs in my quiet time, I want to share them with you today. They don’t have tunes yet, but they will one day.  I want to learn piano or violin or flute, but mom says, piano will be easiest for me to sing with.  I am thinking about it.

Here are my songs:

Come To Me Lord

by Destiny, age 8

Come to me Lord,

Come let me worship you,

I will praise you, I will praise you all my days.

I love you Lord, I love you every day of my life.

And every day I wish I could see you.

Heaven sounds amazing, I wish I lived there every day.

I love you Lord, you are the King of my life.

Dancing in the Moonlight

by Destiny, age 8

Ooooooh, one night the shepherds were watching their sheep,

And an angel came and said the King is born!

And they went dancing in the moonlight.

They followed the star to find the King, and when they found Him,

They went dancing in the moonlight.

Dancing in the moonlight.

Then the wise men found the King, and they went

Dancing in the moonlight.

And when they found him, they went dancing in the moonlight.

Dancing in the moonlight for the King of Kings.

I Will Worship You

by Destiny, age 8

I will worship you, Lord.

I will worship you all of my days.

One day, the whole world will bow down to you.

One day you will take me up there with you.

And I will worship you.

  The last song will be called “The Miracle”, but I am not done yet.

I get nervous when I sing, but one day I want to sing a solo at church. 

That’s it. Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Love, Destiny

  P.S.  Mommy says to head to Post 2 today for some Soup that we all LOVED!

13 thoughts on “The Heart of Worship

  1. Destiny, I can tell that you really love to worship the Lord….every time I see your picture on your mom’s blog, I think that you have such joy in your face and that joy is the joy you get from Jesus. Just keep following Him and writing songs and He will give you the courage to sing a solo when you are ready… exciting that will be for you and for your mom and dad and sister and brothers and the Lord will be so pleased that you are obedient to Him. Love from Miss Jane in Michigan

    And I’m going to try that soup….I think my husband will love it! I think you children in your family are excellent eaters!

    • Good morning, Miss Jane! I will be sure to have Destiny read this after school today. I have an interesting story to tell you, Destiny was supposed to be named Avery, and as soon as we saw that sweet face in the sonogram, we knew she was not Avery after all. In fact, we turned to each other in the elevator afterwards and said it at the same time, “That was Destiny JOY!!!” (Which we said means destined to be joyful in the Lord) The Lord knew she would be such a joy to our family and yes, that joy just radiates from her sweet face. 🙂

  2. Great job Destiny! Your songs are beautiful and I know the Lord loves hearing your voice lifting up in praise! You are such a beautiful girl! God’s Blessings on you and your family!!

  3. How very sweet to know of a precious child who connects with the Lord at such an early age. I’d say she’s very gifted…and this is just the start of bigger things how God is going to use her. I LOVE her joyful face…I truly believe the meaning of names is SO important. Destiny is obviously living up to hers. Sweet Blessings from another middle-named Joy. *_*

  4. Your songs are beautiful, Destiny! Keep using your God-given creativity to give back to the Lord! Your joy is an inspiration to me. I can’t wait to meet you in heaven. =)

  5. Well done, Destiny! I love the lyrics to your songs and can’t wait to hear the notes that you put with them. Please learn the piano as soon as you can and help us all sing praises to our Lord and Heavenly Father. You make us all so proud!!
    Papa Clay

  6. Oh Destiny, my dear, sweet granddaughter, Nana is so proud of you and The Lord is so pleased with you for using the gift He has given!! He will use you to bless others and make a difference in so many lives. You wrote a wonderful Blog today, you did such a great job I thought it was your mom writing!! Getting to be at your birth and being one of the only “babysitters” you have known, you hold a very special place in my heart!! Praising Jesus for you and with you!! I love you so very much, Your Nana

  7. Destiny, it was so amazing to read the words that God has placed in your heart to worship him! I think you can learn ALL the instruments that you want to, but I think mom is right. Learning the piano is so great for learning music, that the other instruments then come much more easily! I was also privileged to be there at your birth, along with Nana, Kasey, and Daddy. I know that the Lord is so proud of you, His child, and He is delighted that you love to praise His name.

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