Weekend Fun

    We had a fun weekend! I hope you did too!  We love when there is not much on the schedule so we can just hang out and be a family.  We did have something on Friday night, Destiny got to cheer during half time of the boys Varsity Game.  {By the way, the CCS boys haven’t lost a home game in over 2 years!} GO COUGARS!!!!!

These were taken during the pep rally Friday afternoon.  The little kids and I stayed home from the game since bedtime is at 7:30 and the game didn’t even START until after 8. 


  My kids looked so cute yesterday.  (We are allowed to say that about our own kids, right?!)  There little outfits were kinda coordinated and they were all spit- shined so perty. 

  It was a super crazy morning, because it was our turn to provide breakfast, (Eggs Benedict Casserole with Hollandaise Sauce, a sweet treat & Cinnamon Apple Cider) so things got a bit rushed during the doing hair part.  Needless to say, there was NO extra time for kids photos!!!!   When we got home at 12:30 from church, I just HAD to try to take their photo before we changed clothes.


  They were hungry and ready to change clothes already!

Here are the results:

{SIGH}  It was worth a try.


   I wanted to share this fail with you, because the other day I had several of you ask how I get my kids to take such good photos. 

Well, like I said, I got 1 good one out of 25 that day!  This one:


Let’s be honest, we aren’t always that lucky.




  P.S.  Did you notice anything new about the sidebar today?  Destiny asked if she could take a few photos before we went in for lunch, so I said “Sure! I need a new pic for the blog anyhow.” She did such a nice job. My little budding photographer! 🙂