Exciting news!  We were just given some more chickens!  YAY!  We now have 8 Silky Bantams, 5 Austrolorps, 14 Red ones whose name I don’t know.


  The white Chicken House is full, so these new girls reside in the second chicken coop, located in the back of this ugly, I mean spare garage. 


  AGAIN, I say Thank you Lord, that I didn’t continue to push for Dale to bulldoze all those “Untidy” outbuildings.  We have put them to good choose for chicken homes AND photography now!

   Another blessing has been having a few extra dozen eggs to sell! That $10 or so a month goes to the “Fun Money” envelope, and when the kids have earned an ice cream cone reward or momma needs to run errands straight through the noon hour, we use that money for lunch. 


  Not to mention the blessing of Farm fresh eggs to enjoy, they just taste plain AMAZING! I have never seen such golden 127yellow yolks in my life.  Guess it’s because our girls get to roam around and eat those good bugs all day.

  We are thinking about selling 2 of the male silkies. Any takers? They are so stinkin’ cute!  When we let them out of the coop each morning, they run over until they are standing RIGHT in front of the ladies, feathers all puffed up, and proceed to show off by scratching the dirt right in front of them.


Typical male behavior if I’ve ever seen it!


Dale says he doesn’t know what I am talking about:

“Men don’t puff up for the ladies….”


“Oh, why hello there Tonya.”


“The Chicken Coop is thataway…”


What a Goof ball…… 


{But a big goof ball I am totally, madly, head over heels in love with!}   🙂

  So anyhow, we send the kids out after school to go gather eggs, and this is what was brought back up to the house yesterday:


This photo doesn’t do this last egg justice…..

It IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, look at it compared to the quarter!!!!  Or compared to the standard sized egg!
If I had thought about it, I’d have photographed it in one of the children’s hands so you could really see how big it is.  But alas, it is already in someone’s tummy!}

  We thought our hen, Big Momma, laid some huge eggs, but someone from the new hen-house has her beat, BIG TIME!

Look out Big Momma, there’s a new Hen in town!

  We don’t know which one it is, but I figure if we look real close, she’ll be the one walking with a limp!  🙂


    These eggs were sitting on this chair in the garage, waiting to be put away and I could NOT resist. It was screaming PHOTOGRAPH ME!!!!! 

Figured that was a great way to end this post full of such Egg-citing Chicken news!



Post 2 for today is Vanilla Crumb Pie.  Too bad I didn’t make an Egg Bake or something to go with the “theme” today, but that w0uld’ve been FAR too convienenent! 


17 thoughts on “Egg-citing!

  1. I am so happy for you! A couple of years ago, we adopted chickens from my Daddy. He lives in the city and was told he couldn’t keep them. He asked if we could take them over since we live in the country. I really didn’t want to because I really didn’t like chickens. I was kinda scared of them. But now…….I LOVE THEM! It is so much fun to go out each day and collect the eggs and talk to all the chickens. They are a wonder! So much fun to watch. We do not sell our eggs, but choose to give them to family and friends. We may need to begin selling them soon because we are getting about 20-24 eggs a day from our 27 hens (Barred Rock, Rhode Island Reds, and some I don’t know the names of) and 1 happy Rooster! My grandson loves to help, too. I hope they bring as much pleasure to you as ours has to us. I would love to give you the few pointers I have learned from mine, but maybe in another post. Good luck and I hope you like eggs!!

  2. What a fun post! Dale is such a good sport! Gotta love that guy…I had to laugh reading the other comments as I was going to ask if your red chicks were Rhode Island Reds too? Guess maybe now you know huh! We’ve raised a few chickens and have friends who do too. We also raised chickens when I was a kid, so have always favored them. I have pictures of me in the chicken pen feeding chicks before I was 2. God sure is creative in the way He designs those fuzzy ones huh? WOW! I don’t recall the kind, but have you ever seen blue or green egg shells? That’s interesting too.

  3. That is to cool….I want me a hen house someday…..We had 3 baby chicks when we lived in NC but we also had a new yellow lab he was a puppy now he is four…Anyway my story is he killed all 3…His daddy was very upset….He is a bird dog but no excuse….I told the hubby that we need a house for the chickens. Now we live in Texas soon to leave too Alabama….I told me once we get settle I want to have my own chickens…..Thanks for the posting….

    • I am surprised how easy it is to care for them. They are very low maintenance! (Other than shutting them up at night and letting them out each am) I hope you can get some, you just can’t buy eggs at the store that taste this good!

  4. I love farm fresh eggs. Could you crack one of those big mama eggs into a frying pan and photo it so we can see how huge it is….

    • I will photograph the difference sometime in even just the color. Deep gold rather than pale yellow. And the taste? NO comparison! They are so so rich! Come see me, I’ll feed ya some eggs for breakfast! 🙂

  5. That would be great to have fresh eggs all the time! My daughter’s boyfriend’s grandparent’s (wow, that was a mouthful), have a farm with chickens and my daughter has brought me home eggs after visiting them, and they really do taste better that the eggs you get at the grocery store!

    • We let ours go all over our acreage, but in general, you just need for them all to have room to scratch and peck so they can be “free range” as well as grain fed. Backyard chickens will kill the grass if left in place too long, and run out of things to eat! So, they make special rolling cages for them. They have a safe spot up top for you to close them up at night, but during the day they can go down below to eat the good stuff. The cages are small, so probably no more than 3 hens? Check them out here: The Egg Cart’n

  6. What a fun post..My hubby’s family always raised chickens and had some pretty fancy looking ones as well.
    When he and I were dating he would always bring eggs with him 🙂 not sure if he was trying to impress my parents or they just had lots of eggs LOL..!

  7. You continue to CRACK me up… haha Crack me up!! (ok, I won’t give up my day job!!) LOL… anyway, great fun at your house and loved Dale’s entrance too… keep on clucking! And man I wish we lived close, I’d be a very loyal customer and we eat a LOT of eggs, super great protein and so many fun ways to make them!! 🙂

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