Required: Nap Time & Quiet Time

Hallelujah for Quiet Time every afternoon!!!!  I seriously don’t know what I would do without it.  I get my emails answered, make necessary phone calls, do a photo project, write a blog, start supper or even read sometimes!!!

   As a mom of 4, I have stopped feeling guilty about taking that time and am embracing it as OK and necessary for my Mommy Morale.  We are all refreshed and ready t0 play again after quiet time, Mommy included!

Even Saprina and Sophie take naps in the afternoon. I think they like the quiet time too!  🙂



   We chose to do this from 12:30-2:30, so that most of the time, everyone is awake by the time we need to load up to get big sis from school.

 Nap time!  On weekends, Destiny is required to lay down and read for an hour.  We want our kids to love to read, plus this helps her meet her Book-It requirements for the month, and keeps her quiet while the others rest.


Tylan is almost 5 and rarely falls asleep anymore, but he still has to pick a spot and rest and looks at books.  Sometimes it’s on the couch, across the foot of my bed, or under a chair.  As long as he rests and reads, I am not picky on location!  🙂  He is required to lay 1 hour and then play quietly with cars the second hour until the other children wake up.  During the first hour, if he comes out of his spot, I add 5 minutes to his reading time.


 At 16 months old, Paxton still takes 2 naps a day. The key for him, is to only let him have an hour-long nap in the morning, so he’ll still go down at 12:30.  I have to really watch my time because that hour goes fast!  

  There is a natural transition that we seen happen at our house from baby with two naps, to toddler with one nap…..


  When we start to notice that our morning nappers are fighting their afternoon nap, we cut down the 2 hour morning nap.  We do this until we find the right mix that still allows for a good afternoon nap:  From 2 hours to an hour and a half, then an hour, then eventually 45 minutes, watching carefully which time frame still allows for a 2 hour afternoon nap. 

  Tylan kept his morning nap for a long time as a toddler, even just a 20 minute power nap helped us get through morning fussy time.  It was perfect because it didn’t mess up afternoon nap schedule.

sweet babies

He’s not a toddler in this photo, but I liked this one.  🙂

  Then there is little Miss Avery….who has decided she no longer needs naps every day. 

That’s because she is so angelic…..




  She really does still need quite time or Crabitha comes out!!

  When I was a mommy of 1, and Destiny was Avery’s age and transitioning out of afternoon naps, I fought tooth and nail to keep her sleeping every day.  (She was a bear if she didn’t!)  Being a mom of 4 has helped me to be a bit more laid back about this transition, so here are the rules:

~Avery may read books until she falls asleep.

~She may not come out of her room until I give her permission.

~Is she sleeps, she gets to stay up with the big kids.  If she doesn’t she has to be the first one in bed. (WHICH SHE HATES!)


When I was making her lay there and try to sleep, she was not taking a nap at all anymore!

  Now that I let her read, sleep is sneaking up on her, and she is napping 8 out of 10 times, then coming out cheerful and ready to play.



If you are looking to schedule your baby, which turns into scheduled toddlers and good sleepers, make sure you check out Baby Wise! We swear by it!

  I had 2 Baby Wise babies, and 2 not:

~ Destiny slept all night long at 5 weeks, we scheduled her from the first day home from the hospital on. 

~Tylan nursed every hour and a half, so I was unable to schedule him like I wanted until later, he slept all night at 5 months. 

~Avery came into our family 17 months after Ty,  I was exhausted and did not even try to schedule.  She did not sleep all night until 9 months!!!!!!  (I really thought I was going to die from lack of sleep! Seriously!) 

~Then Pax came along and I was bound and determined to schedule him based on how tired I was with Avery’s non-schedule. Guess who slept all night at 7 weeks? Yup! My scheduled eat-play-sleep baby.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

 I know it’s not for everyone, but I love schedules and anything that makes me feel organized, so this fits my style of parenting to a “T”!

Uh-oh, quiet time is over, and everyone is waking up, gotta run!



13 thoughts on “Required: Nap Time & Quiet Time

  1. WOW Mom! You’ve got those plans layed out so perfectly! Kids really do need naps…and I believe they ‘learn’ to take them…it frustrates me when moms say their kids won’t take naps, because, at the very least, they can learn to have quiet time. It’s necessary for the whole family to have some sanity. Once kids learn what the plan is, everything goes smoother. Great job there Mommy! Awesome that you can find time to read a book during the day. Mercy me! I just love your organizational skills. Your whole family is better off because of them. MUAH!

  2. Babies and their parents love having a routine. Our grandson Derek who lives with us loves his nap and loves his bedtime. Right around 7:30, he says Night-Night and down the hall he goes to his room with his mother. He still takes two naps most days, but he is in day care when his mom works so sometimes just has one long nap, but he catches up on the weekend. As a former library worker for over 25 years, introducing your kids to books early on is the best thing ever. We had Derek Saturday night and he sat and “read” his book and sang for over 35 minutes. I think that is a pretty long attention span for a 19 month old boy. Quiet time for him and quiet time for us. I think we should get him and Pax together, though I think some mischief would ensue. ❤

  3. I love schedules and routine as well, and it’s encouraging to hear how well you’ve managed to organize everything in your home. It gives me hope for the future!

  4. My son is almost 5 (in may) and sadly still wakes up at night. Both og my kids have done this. He will try to come to our bed. Some nights I am so tired so I dont know until morning . I feel like I have had 9 years of no sleep :/ great job you have done

  5. It sounds like you have everything well under control in your house!! My youngest is now 17, so it’s been a long time since we’ve had naps or quiet time in our house. But when the kids were little, naps/quiet time were part of our routine as were regular bed times. I think keeping your kids on a sleep schedule is so important because not only does it insure that they get enough sleep, it also provides them with structure and I think kids really thrive when they have structure in their lives. As our kids got older and out grew naps, we still were very structured with bedtime up until about the time they were in high school. By that time, they were able to recognize for themselves how much sleep they needed to get and we now only occasionally need to say “hey, it’s late, you should be in bed!”

  6. Great tips….I must say, your organized family sounds like a *dream*! I’ll have to check out Baby Wise.

    Oh, and I noticed (from the photo of Crabitha) that your kitchen has TWO ovens. TWO. JEALOUS!!!! My life would be so much easier with two ovens! The last couple times we’ve had people over for dinner, I realized (too late) that I’d chosen a main course and sides that all needed to be in the oven at the same time. I blame it on pregnancy brain, cuz I’ve never done that before. But still, how dreamy!

    • You will LOVE Baby Wise, the stats alone should speak volumes as far as sleeping all night goes! They are also the ones that got us started on high chair manners and baby sign language. Yup, gotta love the 1980’s ovens. I do have to say, I AM spoiled, they are old and ugly, but I have never known life as a wife without 2 ovens and I use them BOTH constantly!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure I’d know how to be without now. 🙂

  7. I love schedules and routine and being organized in everything I do..
    I love being prepared ahead for as many things as possible!
    Good for you for doing it so well with 4 kids maybe 5 kids ( Dale) :)))

  8. Oh those good sleepers…
    We didn’t use Baby Wise (I was scared of it after all the negative I had heard) but we did use the E.A.S.Y. method. That seemed to work as we had a 6 week old sleeping through the night! I plan to continue to do that with future Johnstons.
    I also plan to follow in your footsteps to continue to encourage quiet time! It is necessary for child and parent alike!

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