10 on 10: kinda

 So, on Friday I was supposed to take my 10 on 10.  New to 4 little Fergusons and don’t know what I am talking about?  You take 10 photos (or WAAAY more if you are me) for 10 straight hours on the 10th of the month, and then post them the next day.

Here is my last 10 on 10:


  Anyhow, I usually don’t participate if the 10th and 11th don’t fall during the week, because I don’t post on weekends.  HOWEVER, I promised my friend Cat, from Cat & the Kit Lens, that she and I would do this together on Friday.  And post them today! 


  I am a bad friend.

I forgot to take my 10 on 10 all day Friday.  Blame Mommy Brain, blame that our Friday’s are CRAZY with all the kids at different schools on different schedules, with less than a half hour between dropping off one and picking up another.  Basically, it would’ve been a lot of Tahoe photos.  ANYHOW, about 4:00 in the afternoon, I remembered.  Oops.

  So, I give you, 10 on 10 AND 10 on 11, since I took part of Friday and part of Saturday.  That counts, right?!  Sorta?  Maybe a little?


I’ll do better next time, I promise!  Now go, check out Cat’s 10 on 10!

Hugs, T

Ten on Ten (And Eleven):

  I just learned to make these scarves at a fun Woman’s Breakfast I attended on Thursday morning.  I will blog these for you sometime, hopefully soon, they are sooo fun to make!!!!  I wore this one Friday.


Destiny’s best friend recently moved to a new school.  😦 I think Destiny cried every day for a week!  She got to come over after school for a Playdate, how fun!


Supper is served:


After supper, a SPECIAL Ice Cream Sundae party for 2 reasons:


1) HELLO! We had a special guest over.  🙂

0102) Avery FINALLY didn’t scream and cry at school and I PROMISED her, if she could walk calmly to her classroom and say bye to me with no tears…she’d be greatly rewarded and Ice Cream is a special treat!

  I told you she was my Firecracker child!  All of a sudden she doesn’t want to leave my side, it is the latest case of separation anxiety we’ve ever experienced in this home!  I am talking about like, her teacher pulls her from my arms as she shrieks and grabs at my clothes……But, as soon as I leave the room…….the Angel Avery comes back and the tears stop instantly.  Stinker.  (She does this at church too)

  We made a BIG deal over how well she did this week! YAY, Avery!

Destiny’s Ice cream Sundae:


Daddy’s a big softy, so even Paxton got some vanilla ice cream. Spoiled Rotten I tell you, none of the others kids would’ve dared been given more than a bite of Ice Cream, let alone their OWN BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

078  I love his face in this first photo, he wasn’t too sure what he thought about that cold stuff at first, I think the second photo makes it pretty clear he approves!


After supper, the girls and I worked on making BFF Scarves so that whenever they wore them t0 school, they could remember each other.  So sweet!


They worked so hard!


I was sad we didn’t get done before it was dark out, so I could get a decent non-orange picture of them wearing their scarves.  Oh well, next time!  They were really really cute!


At this point, I put the camera down and didn’t pick it up again until Saturday morning: 

First on the Saturday morning agenda, reading time with Daddy:


Brrr! It’s freezing outside!


Gotta get the fire goin’….


After an hour, it’s finally getting warmer in the house.


The kids read by the fire while Dale and I make our traditional big Saturday morning breakfast!


Buttered cubed toast, then scrambled eggs & Sausage Gravy, I didn’t believe Dale that this would be good all together. I am a separate biscuits and gravy on one side of my plate, and scrambled eggs on the other kinda gal. 



  I had some crescents to use, so I stuffed them with 1 T. of bagel cream cheese and 1 T. of that Triple Berry Ice Cream topping leftover from last night. It’s basically a berry jelly, and you could do the same using jelly anytime! They were tasty!   We bribed the kids that they had to eat their WHOLE healthy breakfast before they could have a stuffed crescent roll.  Dale doesn’t like sweets, but he loved them the best by far.  Funny, right?!


Next, the kids set up a Zoo for Dale and I to come visit:

“Attention, attention, the Zoo is now open!”


Destiny won’t win any prizes for handwriting, but I thought it was adorable that she made Tickets for us to come to the Zoo.  I only needed ONE ticket, because it was buy one, get one free day, and Paxton was still young enough that he was free too!    SCORE!


They had some great new animals:


They even had TWO kittens!


After this we got busy doing chores, but I did take one more photo during nap time. 

  Another scarf I just finished making, told you these are fun to make!  🙂


The End!

Ok, bonus photo:  this one was taken last night, but I HAD to share!  We have added another little Ferguson to our family: