Happy Valentines Day! {And an Ode to My New Crockpot}

Ode To My New Crock Pot


You are red, which makes me happy

Writing poems makes me sappy.

Dale found you on the clearance shelf,

$10 on sale, a steal in itself!

When I was young, I’d have scoffed at you,

A CROCK POT for Valentines Day?

Hisssss!  Boo!

Now, that I am a Mommy and not so foolish,

I think a Crock Pot is quite cool-ish.

Romantic that my loved one thought of me,

Awesome he remembered I was missing thee.

Crocking is so much fun!

Loving you, Dale, for getting me one.

Our budget may not be extravagant this

Valentines Day,

That doesn’t matter, I’m here to say:

I love you in a very big way!

My lover, my soul mate, my very best friend,

Our love will be cookin’ to the very end.

I may not be a very good poet,

but I Love YOU & I want the world to know it!


  Happy Valentines Day, to my Daley-poo!

Thanks for remembering I wanted a new Crock Pot! It’s the little things that mean so much!!!


Yours always,

~T  xoxo

P.S.  Dale says I need to get on here and tell you that he is also taking me out to dinner, so you don’t think he doesn’t know how to handle this whole Valentines Day romance thing! 🙂  Ohhh, and guess what?!  He gave me a card as usual, but this time, he wrote a WHOLE PAGE in it.  Dale is a man of few written words, so this was a very special treat, and it made me BAWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

from Dale, Tonya & 4 little Fergusons

Destiny textTylan Text

{I told Avery to make a heart with her hands.  Sweet lil’ Peanut tried so hard!}

Avery text 2Paxton text



9 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day! {And an Ode to My New Crockpot}

  1. Sweet Sweet Sweet – from beginning to end! I have a RED crockpot too. =) My sweetie got me a new hand mixer for Valentine’s Day after he heard mine making weird sounds last week. I appreciate that thoughtfulness too. He knows how much I love cards and doesn’t fail to give me a very special one too…BE STILL MY HEART! Hope you and yours enjoy a fine and fun day of showing love. Luv U Sweet Gal! XO

  2. Now that’s one purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdeeee crock, girrleee! And the family is the sweetest part of the love! Dale knows his love mate!! Your posts always make me smile and feel warm and good! Ally xoxo 🙂

  3. What a lovely poem, what a beautiful family…and I started crying about Dale’s letter to you and I don’t even know what it says!!
    Wow when did my grands get so big!?

  4. What a cute sweet post and yes It is always the little things that count not just on special days but year round!!
    Love the photos:)

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