Happy Birthday, Buddy!

  Happy Birthday to my precious, Tylan!

I can’t believe you are 5 today!


  How awesome, that our 1st miracle baby, after 4 miscarriages, was conceived on our anniversary and due on Valentines Day!

  But, you wanted your own Birthday and God had a special one picked out for you:

February 15th at 7:11 pm

The same time to the MINUTE, that your big sister was born, what are the odds?!?!!

011 (3)Ty 1 wk10 days oldStud muffin 07good sisterfergusons_1052

  You fill our home with such joy!  (and mischief)  🙂


  Your little giggle can always make me grin.  I love when you come up to me and tug my sleeve so I will bend down for a kiss. 

pilot ty

  I love your tender heart and desire to be a gentleman at such a young age.  I pray for you to be a Godly man, full of honor and integrity, I pray you have a covenant with your eyes to not look upon anything impure.  I pray you will hide God’s word in your heart and be the Godly leader of your home one day.  I pray for Jesus to be real to you, so that you would never stray from the teachings of the Bible, the church or this home.

  Tylan, you are our special gift from God, and I will NEVER forget the moment I held you in my arms and thanked my Heavenly Father for the gift of life after so many losses, the gift of YOU!!!!!  He knew we needed you.

012 (2)

  Tylan Zachary means “God remembered”, but you know what?

   He never forgot your momma. He just needed me to learn to let go of my own hopes and dreams, so He could bless our family far beyond anything we had imagined.


I love you, buddy!  Happy 5th Birthday!

~Mommy  xoxo


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Buddy!

  1. Happy Birthday to my oldest grandson! Ty, you are a very special little man and will make all of us proud of you as you grow up and become what God calls you to be. We love you! Papa Clay

  2. Oh Tonya…..I remember holding him in that ADORABLE sweater outfit! He was such a chubby lil man!!! Happy Happy Birthday BIG boy Tylan!!!!!! I can’t believe you are “5”!!!!! We love you tons!!!!!!

  3. Tonya,
    What a beautiful story you have told us today. I hope your beautiful boy has an amazing day.
    Much Love from Florida,

  4. Tylan, HAPPY 5 YEAR OLD. You are so precious!! We like the pictures your Mommie posted and you are growing up to be such a young gentleman. Have you thanked the Lord for such a wonderful Mommie and Daddy who are teaching you about the Lord and all the things you need to know about growing up to be the young man God wants you to be?
    We are looking forward to eating with you at Ken’s Pizza tonight,then coming to our house for cookies and open presents!!!
    Love you much, Great Grandpa & Great Grandma

  5. Oh what a beautiful post – he was a special miracle baby for sure. I’ve always imagined he was older than 5. What a fine young man…very loved for sure. Happy Happy Birthday Tylan! He is very blessed that God chose you and Dale to be his parents. Enjoy a wonderful wonderful birthday celebration!

  6. Happy birthday to Tylan on his special day and may God continue to bless him and you as you continue to let him into your hearts!
    Enjoy the celebration!!!

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