Eating At The Big Boy Table

 This is post 2 for today, be sure to head to Post 1 for a DELICIOUS grilled sandwich and homemade tomato soup recipe. Yum! 

Now that Paxton is 18 months old, he thinks he is BIG stuff.  {Ahhh! I just realized that I still HAVE TO GO TAKE 18 MONTH PICS OF HIM! Oh my goodness, I totally forgot!} 

  Anyhow, none of that baby stuff is acceptable anymore, like letting Mommy rock him to that state of almost asleep.  Nope, he now points and grunts for his crib, where he quietly falls asleep on his own…SNIFF SNIFF!  😦

  The crib he uses is a mini-crib, due to space issues of shared bedrooms, so since it’s smaller than normal, 18 months old is when Avery went to a twin bed.  She did great, but Paxton? Oh boy! I am not sure I’d ever sleep again, for fear he was letting himself out the back door or something equally awful!


So we will wait a bit before giving him his reserved bottom bunk!

{Phew, still my baby a bit longer!}


   In going along with this 1 1/2 year old “Big Boy” stuff, Dale thought that Pax might like to join the family sitting at the dinner table.  The spot where we keep the highchair makes it impossible to walk around the table, so I was not sad to see it go.  HOWEVER, the whole “My Baby is growing up part” is a bit harder to swallow! I will let Paxton tell you the rest of the story:

I’m SO big sitting here at the table!  IMG_2459

See that Highchair over there?


I don’t even need it anymore! Yeah, big stuff, right?!


So, how does this eating at the table thing work? Do I still use this fork to eat or what?


Oh dear, I seem to have made a mess!


Er. Sorry about that, Momma!


I can still sit here, even though I made a mess?!!!!!


Awww, you are so nice, Momma!


I’m a good eater at this Big Boy table!


Thanks for letting me sit here with you guys, I sure like it a lot! 


Won’t you please put down that camera now so we can eat?



8 thoughts on “Eating At The Big Boy Table

  1. Oh that adorable boy sure tells much with his eyes doesn’t he??? I can so relate to that ‘having to let go’ sadness…one never knows what other grown-up changes this may bring in Pax to make your life a little simpler? Love the pix!

  2. He is so cute and what an exciting moment!! Thanks for sharing it with us. I wanted to tell you I feel your pain of having your babies grow up — I posted about it a few weeks ago but it sure is sweet when they come back to you and say, “Mom can we get some snuggles?” I have girls so I don’t if boys do this, but I am sure they will in their own way!

  3. What I first noticed about you on Tasty Kitchen was Paxton’s ADORABLE baby picture! I have seen many babies and he certainly ranks among the cutest! I love seeing him like this but I too understand the sadness of watching your “baby” grow up. My “baby” turned 10 a few weeks ago. Oh! How I long to hold them as babies again! Sometimes my boys let me hold them in my lap and rock them. My twelve year old needed new dress pants recently. I measured his inseam….it’s the same as mine! He has long legs and I have a long torso. Where did my baby go? Thank you sharing your adorable children with us strangers!

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