Pinterested: Making A Sock Bun

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So I saw this cool thing on Pinterest, which lead me to a video of how to make curls using a Sock Bun.  Destiny LOVES when I take time to curl her hair, but let’s be realistic, it just doesn’t happen on school mornings.

  THIS is the answer to my “Who in the World has time to use a curling iron on a CRAZY school morning?” Problem’s!

What you’ll need:

Socks that you don’t mind cutting.  I used my size socks.


Roll it up tightly, continuing to tug as you roll, to keep it smooth.


Your Sock Bun should now look this:


Mine actually looked like this one, on the left, so I unrolled and cut the top “lip” of the sock as well.  Much better!


How to roll a sock bun:

Basically you take damp hair up in a high ponytail, and slip the sock bun over it.  Grasp hair straight up in the air, as you pull the sock bun to the tippy top, and wrap the ends neatly.  Then you roll down, spreading the hair as you go, clear back down to the base of the ponytail. 

{You are going to want to watch the video. This is hard to explain!!!!}

  When you are done rolling it looks like this and is actually nice enough to be worn this way on day 1. 

Super cute!


  The next morning, it was time to find out if it worked!

  We had one that worked great, and one not so much.

Poor Avery with her thin, silky hair!!!!!  But Destiny’s was amazing!!!!!


That’s ok, Mommy.  We can try again tomorrow!


2nd time around, I cut a stray baby sock for Avery’s hair and made sure it was very damp this time.018

  When we took it out the next morning, I could already tell a big difference.



  She was THRILLED to have curls like big sis.


  Supposedly this works great for adults as well, but I already have curly hair, so I haven’t tired it.  If you try it, make SURE to come comment and tell me about it!

   Go make a Sock Bun, your daughters will thank you!


Update: 12-29-2012
Since posting this, we have done many a sock bun. Usually with freshly washed, damp hair on bath night, and I have a tip for you.  I have found that if I spray Avery’s baby fine, satin hair with leave in conditioner, the curls stay way better!
Case in point:

Avery sock bun


13 thoughts on “Pinterested: Making A Sock Bun

  1. I have done this and it works! I also tried the twist buns without using the socks. My hair is SUPER thick but fine and I looked like I had a fro! I will have to show you a picture sometime! Hilarious! Since I don’t have any girls to try this with I did it myself so I know it works for adults 🙂

  2. I saw this on pinterest too and will have to have my granddaughters try this!
    Your girls look adorable with their curly hair..I to have naturally curly hair!

  3. Tonya, I discovered the sock bun a few months ago and LOVE it. It works great and it’s practically (like you point out) a no-effort way to get awesome curls.

  4. I tried this a week or so and my long thick hair it worked so well. Next time I will spray in a little gel so it will hold longer. I tried it on my daughters shorter hair and it worked but she didn’t like sleeping in it. I will put her pony tail up higher next time and again use a little spray gel. I am totally going to try it with the smaller sock. Thanks for posting this Tawnya. The girls hair looks amazing and it is sooooo easy!!!!

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