Tree Houses & Treasures

Due to a scheduling mix up (read that: Tonya was too tired to remember to check her blog calendar Sunday night) you are getting Monday’s post, today.  Just go with me here….. and thanks for understanding! 🙂 

We had such a fun and busy weekend!  It’s been a while since I’ve had a “blog-worthy” Weekend to share, but I think this one fits the bill.  🙂  This blog is to be a book of Memories one day for our children, so I want to be sure to continue to do these sorts of posts between recipes and other thoughts.

  First of all, the children’s adopted Grandparents, offered to build them a tree house.  WOO-HOO!  We had a spot already picked out and had actually planned to do one once some extra money came in for lumber.  {Well, you know how that goes! Especially with 4 little people to care for, there’s never extra money!}

  We are sooo thankful for this awesome gift that will bring hours upon hours of fun.  It’s not done yet, but here are the pictures so far.  A big thanks to Glen, Papa Don and Dale for their hard work!


“Mommy, PLEEEEEASE can we do a silly picture?”


Walls are going up….


A Snack bucket with rope is a must! 🙂


Pax wakes up from nap time and joins the fun…..


This tree house is WAY bigger than it looked when we first staked it out! I see future slumber parties out here! 🙂


IMG_3627Daddy and Papa finish the ladder just in time for everyone to come down for a much-needed bath!



   So far, everything has been done with scrap lumber other than the floor, PTL!  This week the guys will work on the roof and then we’ll paint everything.  I told the kiddos we’ll paint the inside with their handprints, names and anything they want to draw.  Fun stuff! I will be sure to post pictures when it is all done.

Also this weekend, we headed over to where Dale’s Dad {aka Papa} recently bought the land adjoining ours, and went on a Treasure Hunt.  There were all kinds of neat things hidden amongst the old outbuildings.  The kids got some new play horses and a steel truck.  And this Momma got her hearts desire…..


  Ball Jars, Mason Jars and Kerr Jars;  a whole wooden crate of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMG_3585{SQUEEEE!}  🙂   I just may have done a happy dance, but who knows for sure.

  Jars like these are hard to find now that they are so “cool”.  Have you looked on Pinterest lately?  Everyone is using them for their weddings, household décor, chandeliers etc. 

Destiny helped me clean them up. I can’t wait to use them to decorate tables at a party or something!

 IMG_3595IMG_3596 Look what else we found:


IMG_3586An old amber glass Clorox jug and the kind of iron that you heat up on a stove.  I used them to decorate my laundry room!  Fun, right!?IMG_3588

“The Lady Dover” clothing iron.  What a fancy name! lol 🙂


   We also went to the school carnival, but I only took 4 pictures.  This is very unusual for me! 🙂  I gotta tell you, sometimes, I just want to be Mom, not Mamarazzi, you know?

I DID get out my camera for these shots, I know they are dark, the evening was drawing to a close, but Paxton’s face was too precious not to show you these!

Clearly, he is underwhelmed by this horse ride!


Or maybe it was just a helmet issue?


Avery clearly, is having the time of her life. 

Ty thought it was pretty cool, too.


  Destiny ran off with her friends the SECOND we walked in the door. (Well, once she got her tickets and permission that is.)

{SIGH}  Guess this is our new reality, huh?!  How is my baby girl turning 9 this summer?



14 thoughts on “Tree Houses & Treasures

  1. LOVE the old Chlorox bottle-it’s gorgeous!! And you are right about the jars-they are everywhere now days. Our son’s fiancee is using all sizes of them in their wedding in June for vases.
    And that treehouse is so awesome-your kids are gonna love it for years and years-lucky boys and girls!

  2. What treasures you found and what treasures you are making in memories. How wonderful for you and for the children. Paxton is good at climbing up those steps…Derek isn’t very good at steps…we live in a ranch and he doesn’t get a chance at steps very often.

  3. May I make a suggestion? When you clean up the mason jars, let your kids put little treasures in there like marbles or game pieces………well, if you want to. If you go over to my blog and click on “my collections” you will see that I have several antique mason jars with game pieces, marbles, and tin Easter eggs etc…. in them. They display so nicely and when your kids are grown and gone, you still have a part of them with you. I treasure mine!!

  4. What a fun weekend!! My dad built us a big treehouse when I was a year or two older than Destiny, and it became the hub of our make-believe games and outside play. Soooo much fun–and all that without a roof or real walls, just railings! (BTW, I can’t believe how big Pax is!)

    The last couple times we’ve visited my parents, I’ve dug around in outbuildings for cool old stuff, and came home with some really neat jars–even the greenish glass canning jars that cost SO MUCH on eBay!–and a huge crock. You never know what sort of treasures were deemed junk in the 1950’s. 🙂

  5. How lovely, Tonya! The tree house is amazing, and the kids are going to LOVE playing in it. I almost wish I were a kid so that I could play in it and have a cool slumber party . . .

  6. WOW…..What a great tree house that will be and I would be doing a happy dance as well with the treasures you found..YAHOOOOOO!!!
    Your right you had a really great weekend!

  7. Sounds like big fun!! We had a railed platform, with slide, and climbing rope. Was well used when we passed it along to the next family.

  8. May I use your photo of the Clorox jug in my scrapbook story of my life? I cut my left hand on a broken Clorox jug when I was about three years old – one of my earliest memories. Still have a scar there at age 74. Your children are beautiful – happy.

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