Egg-citing Pinterest Craft

This is Post 2 for today, be sure to head back one post to see photos from our Spring Break! 🙂

   So pinning on Pinterest is fun, right?!  I pin a lot from my own site and am always pleasantly surprised how it brings new people to our little blogosphere here at 4 little Ferguson’s. 

  One of you asked me if I am addicted to Pinterest last week, and I had to stop and think about it before I answered.  I’d say Facebook is a bigger time killer for me actually!  I just pop on once in a while to pin a few things, and then I am off again.  I am pretty proud of myself for actually following through with some of my favorite pins.…

  Let’s see, there was the Organization Board for my laundry room.

T-shirt Scarves

The Banana Caramel Pinterest Pie and Coconut Cream Pie Bars.

Now, these

Easter Eggs!

IMG_5260 FUN, right?! 


  Let’s just say this is one of those “Family Crafts” that turned into a Mommy and Daddy craft.  It was messy, it was hard, it took some time, but the end result was cool! 

(Except for the poor green one, the balloon leaked air all night so it shriveled as it dried…we turned it into something else, which you will see below.) 

  I think using water balloons and making little circle ones to hang on strings of lights would be cool too!  And maybe more manageable?

  Come find 4 little Ferguson’s on Pinterest!


Stringed Easter Eggs

You’ll need:

1 ball of string per egg, a disposable cup and some stay-flo starch


And a disposable roaster to put the starch in.


Roll the balloon in starch, covering all areas.


Have a kiddo help you with the stringing, until you realize its going to take 14 hours.  Go to Plan B.IMG_5142

Plan B: Have 2 grown ups take over while your 8-year-old photographs you and the other kids, who have clearly already lost interest in this particular craft…..



Wrap string all over balloon in different directions making sure its tight and the balloon is evenly covered.  Then roll it in the starch again, being sure to cover all areas, and set it on a cup to dry in your garage overnight.


Flip the egg end for end the next day, to allow the bottom to dry, too.  This is when we discovered the poor green egg had its balloon leak all night and so it shriveled as it dried.  We turned it into a nest for Chicky.


Once its dry, pop the balloons and decide how you want to display your colorful eggs! We decided to hang them from lime green tulle with a cheerful bow. 

(Not outside, that was for lighting reasons only!)


I am glad these are reusable year after year, ’cause it’ll be awhile before Dale and I are ready to take a craft like this on again!


The Lazy Days of Spring Break

  We had a super great week of just playing outside!  The weather was GORGEOUS, praise the Lord! 

We must have had extra fun, because I have NEVER had seen such dirty bath water when I bathed the kids before bed.  It was so murky, I made them stand for a shower yet too!  🙂

  We ate supper in the tree house a couple of times, watched a “Trampoline Show” or two, starring Destiny and her well-trained acrobat, Tylan, who followed her hand motions perfectly! 🙂   The 3 big kids had a “Sibling Slumber Party” every night in the girl’s room, I love to hear the songs and giggles coming from that room!  Let’s see what else, we went to the library to get new books, got some chickens, had a few play dates, and Destiny had a slumber party with her cousin, Brooklyn. 

  Oh, I got to go see October Baby with my momma and best friend, Kasey.  {GREAT flick, by the way, a must see! Take Kleenex!}  Our theatre was only going to bring it to town for a few days and so many churches advertised and promoted this, that they allowed it to stay through Thursday! Cool, right?!  I’d say those kind of numbers speak volumes of what kind of films we want to see in theatres!!!!!   Also, I had three photo sessions, which I will share in the coming weeks! 

  Some people might think that was a boring Spring Break, but I think it was just perfect for us! 

Happy Monday!  Back to the ol’ routine!


 Spring Break Photos: 


Avery parked her “Mommy” things while she took her nap. It was too sweet not to snap a shot!  She has good taste, out of all my shoes, she nabbed the Jessica Simpsons with leopard print heel! 


Tickets to the Trampoline show!


My intro.  Apparently I was NOT to read the “clap, clap, clap” part.


Where did Paxton go?  IMG_5040

Oh wait, what’s that tiny speck?  Mr. Pax following Sophie around.  Guess he is done watching the show?!


Planting the garden!


Play dates with special friends:


New feathered friends!  (trying to grow our flock as we currently have more demand than supply)



Ooo, they pecked my hand!

Paxton says his Spring Break was full of good “clean” fun!


And it was a bit exhausting too!