Resurrection Garden

  This Resurrection Garden is EVERYWHERE! I’ve seen it on facebook, pinterest, had it sent to me via email, and also saw it on these blogs: The Encouraging Home & We Are That Family.

  Apparently, the photo going viral is by Melissa Holt, but I was unable to find a way to link to her, so I won’t use her photo.  It is GORGEOUS!  Ours, not so much, but I think you’ll still get the idea. 🙂

   This was a really fun hands-on activity that all my little people could help with, and unlike the Stringed Easter Eggs, it kept their attention. Plus, they LOVE spraying it with the spray bottle very day!  It will make such a beautiful centerpiece for our Easter table on Sunday!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • Terra cotta mini pot for the tomb
  • Terra cotta tray
  • Small pebbles 
  • Grass seed 
  • One small bag of potting soil
  • Small twigs or nails and wire
  • A round or oval rock about the size of the tomb entrance (Yeah right, good luck!) 
  • Spray water bottle


  First, prepare your tray and “tomb”.  Some people glue the pot to the tray, but Dale just wanted to use sand, and it worked great, clever man!


Everyone is excited to help!


Next, mound your potting soil until it forms a hill, leave the front of the tomb soil free. Pack down tightly.


Sprinkle grass seed all over your soil.


Try to avoid the sandy area in front of the tomb.


Lightly cover seeds with more soil.  Add small rocks to the bare sand area, going into the tomb if you’d like. 

Place in a sunny place, (Away from your chickens!!!!) and water daily with a mister bottle. 


   If you want, you can make crosses out of nails wired together like this: 


Or you could do twigs like the original picture shows.

We waited to put our crosses on top because we don’t want them to get rusted. They are a special gift Destiny got from her adopted Grandma, Esther.


This project was done 3/22 and as of today, 4/4, it has only sprouted a little bit.  I am bummed and wish we had started sooner, but the directions said it would only take a week or so for grass to grow.  I am hoping by Easter it will look really nice!

 Once the grass grows more, and can help hold the crosses up, I will move them into position at the top of the mound.  IMG_5962

This was such a fun project for us and a GREAT reminder of what we are celebrating this week….

That Jesus died for you and me.


But death had no hold on Him!  He is risen, Hallelujah!!!!!

  Come back and see me tomorrow, I will be sharing the recipe for Green Bean Bundles, and another Easter Tradition at our house: Resurrection Cookies.



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