Loads of Easter Recipes: Green Bean Haystacks & Sugar Bunny Pops

  We’ve got tons of ground to cover today, as I am SURE you can tell by the GI-NORMOUS title and let’s not forget post 2 for today is Resurrection Cookies, a meaningful activity to do with your kiddos. 

  So, enough chit-chat, on with the show…….

There are certain foods that come to mind when I think of Easter. The obvious, HAM, which by the way, is best cooked in the crock pot on low all day with a can of Coke. 

No kidding! 

Green Bean Haystacks, so unique and so yummy!

Green Bean Haystacks

(click title for easy printable)


1 pound Bacon, Cut In Half

2 bags (16 Oz. Bag) Whole Green Beans, Thawed

½ cups Butter

1/2 teaspoons Garlic Powder

½ cups Brown Sugar

1/2 teaspoons Black Pepper

Prep early in the day: thaw bacon, cook slightly, pull from pan while still soft. Bundle 10-12 green beans together and wrap with half a slice of bacon. Lay side-to-side in a 9×13 pan with bacon ends down. Place butter, garlic powder, brown sugar and black pepper in a saucepan and heat on low until sugar dissolves. Pour over bean stacks. Refrigerate for 4-6 hours.

Bake at 350ºF for 25-30 minutes.

AMAAAZING! And so pretty too! The perfect Easter side for sure!!!!


  We were in charge of snacks for Destiny’s class this year.  When I saw these homemade “Peeps” at Weekend Potluck, I knew this would be what Destiny wanted to make.  We decided to get crafty and do a mixture of marshmallow shapes and sizes and do multiple per stick, rather than following the original recipe.  A big thanks to Everyday Mom’s Meals for sharing these Homemade Peeps!!!!!

Here by renamed by the 4 little Fergusons as: 

Sugar Bunny Pops

(click for easy printable)


Original instructions:

Large marshmallows, strawberry flavored (We did all shapes and sizes.)
Candy sticks
Pastel colored sprinkles or colored sugar (Our favorite were the nonpareil!)
Piece of floral foam or Styrofoam

Place sticks in marshmallows, to make “pops”. Dip each in water to dampen. Dab lightly on a paper towel to remove excess. Roll each in sprinkles, covering evenly. Place sticks in floral foam, standing upright to dry. When dry, place in a cup for easy enjoyment!

What we did:


Dip marshmallow in water, dab off on tea towel before placing a bowl of colored sugar or non-pareils.  Use a mini wooden skewer/candy stick to stir around, carefully covering all sides. Place on a tray to dry overnight. 


Carefully thread different shaped marshmallows on the stick in various patterns.

Destiny’s class will love them!  We will take them later today for the Easter party.  I think I will even let Ty, Avery & Pax share one.  {gasp} IMG_6041

  I know, I know, I am letting up in my old age.  I am trying to be more flexible at school with the whole “No Sugar” thing.  With birthdays and class parties for holidays, I can’t always  say no to sugar, right?! 

But at home? That is a WHOLE ‘nother story!




11 thoughts on “Loads of Easter Recipes: Green Bean Haystacks & Sugar Bunny Pops

  1. Everything looks so yummy….I’m going to do the Resurrection Cookies with my grandkids next year….I won’t have them here ahead of time this year.

    How do you manage the “no sugar” thing at your house? It seems like you make a lot of desserts….do you share them all with others or just eat them after the kids are in bed? Curious readers want to know…..

    Happy Easter. He is Risen. He is Risen indeed!

    • Well that, my friend is a great question. When there is sugar in crackers or cereal, obviously I don’t count it. But as far as brownies, cookies, ice cream, candy……only on extremely special occasions. Sometimes when I make a dessert for the blog, I let them have a teeny weany little 1 by 1 inch taste. Then, we load up plates for the teachers and their families! And I eat the rest. For real, it’s pathetic. The no sugar rule apparently does not apply to me?! lol :)Happy Easter, Miss Jane!

      • Well of course the rule doesn’t apply to you, you are the mom. You had to follow the rules when you were the child…now you get to make them. I just wondered because I knew you made a lot of desserts and I thought maybe I should get on the mailing list or something. Happy Easter to you too, my dear friend. Isn’t it the best time of the whole year?

      • LOL! Give me 15 hours, and I’ll bring some goodies right over! 🙂 LOVE this time of year, more meaningful than ever as we shed off the old and watch the Lord grow something new in us!

  2. Well I sometimes wonder how you do “everything”
    I raised three kids and know how busy a day can be…..
    I believe in using every minute of the day as I hate wasted time but it still sometimes feels like there are not enough minutes in the day to get as much done as I like to….
    You always do it with a smile:))
    I’m such a fan !

  3. Love love love…I haven’t had breakfast and I am considering a feast after checking this post out. I hope you’ll consider adding this to Saturday Dishes, as we are featuring Easter goodies.

  4. I am always looking for new ideas for the kids to help me with for school or different parties we go to. You have such cute ideas and they are easy enough for my kids to help me with. Thank you so much!!

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