Easter Weekend

  I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Easter Weekend with those you loved most as we celebrated our risen Lord!

  It’s late, we just got home from a fun-filled evening and I still need to make my grocery list and cut coupons, so here are some pictures from our weekend….

~T  🙂



I have no idea what Pax is doing in this next pic, but it was TOOOOO funny not to take a picture!


Easter Dinner at Uncle Dan & Aunt Gena’s house:


Trouble makers!


Now, look ferocious!


Hiding from the bullets inside……


Dale was trying to hit my lens.  Close, but no cigar buddy!


Our poor table centerpiece, The Resurrection Garden, never did grow like it was supposed to!


Grandma’s YUMMY beet juice dyed Deviled Eggs! Delish!


Lettuce Wraps, recipe coming TOMORROW!   🙂


Lemon Raspberry Angel Cake: coming sometime! 


Hope you had a Happy Resurrection Day!
Love, the 4 little Ferguson’s



10 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. Hey Tanya! Where did you get the boys hats? My sister-in-law wants all the little boys to wear ones like these (she calls them “news boys caps”) to her wedding, and I’ve had a tough time finding them!

    • Their great Aunt got them in Oregan! LOVE them! When I was little I wanted a foo foo skirt soooo bad, I’d layer allll my dress up clothes until I had a big full giant skirt! LOL 🙂 Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

  2. Your family must have the highest matabolisms ever….you are all so slim and trim…even with you cooking and eating all this yummy food all the time. Loved the pictures.

  3. Oh my goodness – I just giggled all the way through these adorable photos of ya’ll! Those suspenders are just the ticket…and the girls dresses and skirts couldn’t be cuter! Mom & Dad are pretty adorable too – looks like you had a glorious time of celebration and sweet fellowship. Oh – LOVE those deviled eggs also. SO glad you shared…I can’t imagine how you managed to get this together already today! Mama T – you are just a wonder!

  4. Those have to be the cutest and best dressed kids around !
    I love those out fits and it looks like you had a sunny wonderful Easter!
    Pax looks more like you with every photo!

  5. Well, this post is the clincher: You have THE cutest kids, and you are THE most fabulously stylish mama out there! Looks like a wonderful Easter weekend–thanks for sharing!

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