10 on 10

Welcome to the 4th Edition of 10 on 10.  Last time I didn’t do so hot, and I hate to say it, but I think I stunk it up pretty bad this time too. It is HARD to remember a photo an hour!!!!!  At least this time I remembered to do it on the right day! 🙂

Here are the Ten on Ten instructions:

Take a photo every hour for ten consecutive hours on the tenth of each month. Document a day of your life and find beauty among the ordinary moments. Then share your beauty with us on the 11th!

I give you, yesterday’s Ten on Ten:

{Or we could call it Thirty Three on Ten, since I shared too many, AGAIN!!!!}

Good  Morning my little Fergusons!


Can you guess what face I was making behind the camera as I GASPED at what had just occurred?!


This is the “Am I in big trouble, Momma?” face!


SUPPOSED to be making bed and getting dressed…..


Morning chores:

1) Check the garden


2) Let the chickens out


3) Set down the camera and forget to take another shot until 1. Oops!

Rest time!


Momma’s lunch and lunch time project, editing!


New photo props from an Oh-so talented friend!


Outside play time:

Fat Preggo Saprina, the kids are SO excited to have kittens! 🙂


Ty’s butterfly


Playing with “Confetti”


Piano practice for Destiny


YAY!  Daddy’s home!




Taco Salad, yum!


This is the part where we ran out the door for Kindergarten Round up and I didn’t pick up the camera again!  (Sorry guys, I will try to do better next time!)

  I was asked to speak tonight about why we chose Christian education, and our families 60 year-long attendance of Central Christian School.  But, how is my big boy going to be in Kindergarten next year?!?! Only two at home with me, and only a few days of that since Avery will do Preschool 3 days a week. 


  Can I just pause life for a bit and enjoy the ride more fully?  This is all going too fast!

Happy 10 on 10!  If you want to join me next month, let me know and we can link our blogs up on the 11th when we share our photos!



Slow down, little ones! You are growing up TOO FAST!

IMG_6629 (2)