4 New Furry Little Ferguson’s

I am not a Country Girl by nature:

I think spiders are icky. 

The idea of mice in my home give me the heebie jeebies. (Thank God we have had that under control for 6 winters now! Ew.)

Out buildings full of junk, er I mean valuable rusty old parts, drive me Batty!

    But I have learned a lot in our almost 10 years out here in the Country:063

I have learned to LOVE the fact that from my front window, I see trees, not houses or road.

I have learned to chase roosters with a broom when they try to get my babies.

I have learned to garden, x4 this year!

I have learned to shoot a gun and chase a fox and a skunk down the driveway.

I have learned that old outbuildings full of junk, make amazing forts for my kids and spots for my photography.

Harris Family Photos 117-1

I have learned to kill spiders with something smaller than a 2×4 and not scream.

  And tonight, I learned something else cool about the Country life……


  I think I was just as excited as the kids, if not more, when we realized our sweet kitty, Saprina, was going to have her babies today!


  Here is what happened…..

   Last night, Saprina wouldn’t go out to the garage, where she has a soft bed to sleep in up on a little shelf. She usually loves it, but for some reason, she wouldn’t budge from Destiny’s bed.  We decided to leave her for a “special treat”.

  Early this morning, Destiny comes to us very concerned that Saprina’s purr was “worn out”.  Saprina loves Destiny best, and never stops purring when she is around, so the sweet girl thought she must’ve purred ALLLL night long and had no voice left!  She had taken Saprina to the garage before coming to me with her concerns.  After she described the noises her beloved pet was making, it hit me….

SAPRINA WAS HAVING HER KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  We raced to the back door.  Destiny got there first and gasped!  There was a baby kitty laying on the rug by the back door.  She literally had gotten out just in time to have her first baby.  (Thank God not on Destiny’s sheets!!!!!!!)

  I grabbed my camera, but missed the shot.   Rats.

Or Kittens. 

{Whatever. }


   Dale moved Saprina and her new kitten to a soft bed inside a big cardboard box.  She was so sweet, grabbing Dale’s arm with her paw to try to reach her kitten in his other hand.

   It wasn’t until 3 in the afternoon, that she had a few more.  I went to check on her before we left for school pick up, and she looked at me with the most shocked expression on her face, stood up and…


Out came another kitten!

  4 in all.  You can imagine I couldn’t get home fast enough for Destiny, who somehow didn’t make it in ANY of these next shots!  🙂


  We aren’t letting the kids handle the kittens, but Saprina is being really sweet with them.  She just purrs and purrs as they rub her head and tell her what a good Momma she is!

  I have never got to experience kittens, and I think this is just one more part of Country life to love!

PRECIOUS!  I can’t wait from them to open their eyes so we can hold them!


  Yes, for you that are worried, we are keeping them.  We need good mousers in the outbuildings and shed.  And yes, we are planning to spay all of the girls when they are old enough, and Saprina too! 

  But let’s just focus on how SWEET they are right now……



  Destiny is sure glad Saprina’s purr is not broken after all.


19 thoughts on “4 New Furry Little Ferguson’s

  1. I DO NOT LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I do ADORE babies of ANY sort!!! Those kittens ARE PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Saprina!!!!

  2. You must have taught the kids well about handling pets with love. Or it is that Saprina is a sweetheart. Or both. Many mamas would not let kids that close so soon. And I am amazed that she let Dale move her and Kitten #1—although probably why there was a delay between kitten #1 and the others. Enjoy this…it’s just priceless for the kids…and I think their Mommy too! (Wink)

    • Oh my goodness, you are so smart! I never even thought of that delaying the birth process. Genius! Must be the midwife in ya! 🙂 Saprina is soo loving, but yes, the kids are very very gentle to her as well. No one has gotten their hand batted yet for reaching in to pat her. She just purrs and purrs and is so proud!
      Yes, this Momma is pretty enamored! 30 is not to young to enjoy things for the first time, like sweet little kittens, right?!!

  3. Wonderful story, I grew up in the country. I think a lot of today’s children are really missing out on the wonders of country living. My kids never lacked for anything to do, there was always a tree to climb or a barn to explore.
    So glad you are getting all the babies & Mamma fixed. 🙂

  4. They are SO SWEET!! Ever since you mentioned Saprina was pregnant (was that just yesterday??) I’ve been looking forward to seeing pics of her newborn little furballs. Oh, I wish I could gather them all up in my hand and just snuggle them all day long!

  5. Dear Tonya, I am so glad to hear that your teenage kitty was able to deliver her kittens with no mishaps. However, did you ever think how scary this was for her…she had no idea what was happening and to be rushed out of the warm and secure place she had decided to deliver her babies is rather cold and to a cold, dark, and probably dirty garage. As Christians we are stewards of this earth and all that are in it … all His creatures. I think you missed a very important teaching moment for your children and the divine gift we have been given. Also, if any of those babies are males please have them neutered. The life of a “tom” cat is not so pleasant…other males (and we know they are close by) fight and will chase off less dominant males. I would be happy to contribute to the vet bill if you let me know how and have you considered a no kill shelter in your area? They will make sure the kittys are placed in warm and loving homes. Cats that are left out to be mousers develop illnesses and can get a multitude of things they also have a much shorter life span. I know you probably are not pleased because this is not a warm and fuzzy message but I am a Christian and love animals. I am just trying to help you and yours.

    • You are sweet to write and offer to help! I am hoping to find a local vet that will be affordable to us, and yes, I will look into neutering the males, too. Saprina was placed in her favorite bed with her favorite blanket and watched and cared for by the children and I in our clean, but sandy :), well lit garage. This is where she sleeps and hangs out usually anyways, as she is free to come and go through a cat door.
      I promise, we are not cold hearted, and love animals very much. Even our chickens are well cared for and loved on. 🙂 We have an insulated metal outbuilding with a cat door, where food, water and warm beds will be available to these new cats as they are old enough to keep them warm and safe from the outdoors. We just don’t have room for that many inside animals, but think they will love their new home.
      Thanks for taking the time to write. I hope you will feel comfortable to leave your name next time, anonymous comments don’t usually get published, but I wanted to write you back.
      Hope you feel better about things, write anytime!

    • You write that cats that are mousers tend to get sick and have a shorter life span. God created them to be mousers. I have had cats my whole life. When I lost a cat too soon, I decided to keep my other and future cats indoors. They all went a little crazy from not being outside. My vet told me that it is very common for that to happen to indoor cats. I love that you want cats to be cared for, but when you site our Creator, remember the source. He created us all for His purpose, not ours.

  6. Tonya, I usually don’t respond to any blogs…I thought it would just show you my email??? Sorry, I didn’t mean to be anonymous. This was very important to me and I was hesitant to respond as I did not want to offend you. Because so many people take their responsibility as pet owners so casually I felt I had to write. Thank you for bringing this to my attention

  7. Oh Tonya! You have one for each kid! You’ll have to let us know when you find out if they are boys or girls and what their names are!

    We had cats while I was growing up and our Momma cat had a few litters of kittens. I remember being so excited and I can still feel the joy your kids must be feeling right now – especially Destiny. I also remember our Momma cat would try to move them and wouldn’t always get them by the scruff of the neck and would end up picking them up by their ears and I thought that was just awful! I always tried to help her move them when I could. It’s no wonder she hid them so often from this little girl who was always touching her babies! So glad you’re doing what is best for the kittens – even though it is hard to keep your hands off! This is such a good learning/teaching experience for all of you. Precious!

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