Call Me Lazy….

  I am too pooped to party today, so call me Lazy, but I am going to do a bit of a cheater post. 

  See my sweet baby? 

Oops, that’s not why I shared this photo….

  I meant, see my owie wrist?  Who knew that editing photo sessions for hours on end could re-trigger on old college injury?!  And shooting a wedding all day Saturday could make it even more sore? 

  Soooooo, instead of typing out the 2 recipes I want to share, I am just going to send you to the recipe originators.  Ok?

  Recipe 1:

Southwestern Chicken Pizza

(click title to be taken to original post)

From Becca at Crumbs and Chaos

  Avocado, cilantro, jalapenos, and shredded chicken, all on a pizza! How can you go wrong?  Head on over to Crumbs and Chaos, check it out and tell those sweet sisters Tonya sent ya.

Sw Chicken Pizza (5)

Sw Chicken Pizza (1)

IMG_3814Before I go on to dessert, you’ve gotta check out these photos.   Dale was making the pizza dough for me since I wasn’t home yet, and he was letting Paxton “help”.


Nice.  Guess we’ll be needing new jammies.  AND to get out the vacuum.

  Next up, a yummy dessert from my friend, Holly at Life as A Lofthouse.  If you have a sweet tooth ,than this is the dessert for you. It will seriously make your teeth curl it’s sooooo sweet and yummy.  Cut them small, or you’ll make yourself sick!

White Chocolate Marshmallow Cake Bars

(click title to be taken to the original post)

from Holly at Life as A Lofthouse

White Choc. Marsh bars (1)

Make these recipes, and soon!  Thanks girls for letting me share your yummy pizza and bars!

Off I go to edit a bazillion more photos.



Oops, I meant…..


14 thoughts on “Call Me Lazy….

  1. I hardly think the word LAZY fits you in any fashion! Sore is more like it. Your little helper is sooo adorable! Thanks for sharing these yummy recipes – every one of them looks wonderful. Get your rest busy mama.

    • LOL! 🙂 I HATE IT! Somehow there is never money for fixing up that room since it all has to be done in a certain “order”: countertops, backsplash, appliances, knocking out a wall and a half, and THEN new flooring. So I grin and bear it! 🙂 🙂 🙂 (And sometimes brush crumbs from the table onto the floor like a rebel because I know I have to vaccumm anyways!)

  2. So sorry you re-injured your wrist! That makes everyday life hard, huh? I broke both my wrists when I was 12, and I have to be careful what I do or they get sore and finicky sometimes. Hope you heal quickly. And boy oh boy, does Paxton know how to bat his eyes under that mop of hair! He has the makings of a master flirt, I’m guessing!

  3. I just about fall out of my chair every time I see how big Paxton is getting. I remember first finding your blog through a photo assignment on “I Heart Faces” because of that baby photo of Paxton. He’s still just as cute as ever, but he’s growing up way too fast. Could you ask him to slow it down a little? Just for me? Hope you’re wrist if feeling better soon.
    Love to you & your family – jeanne

      • I did! And my heart melted. I loved the photos of Little Big Man in the fridge, with food on his head, and especially the “you’re not going to tell Daddy, are you?” shot. He’s just too stinking cute. That sense of adventure is going to serve him well some day, if it doesn’t exhaust you first!

  4. I’m sorry your wrist causes you so much pain:((
    As far as the flour everywhere I think you can call that daddy and Pax bonding time :))

  5. We make that dessert but without the frosting on top! Um. YUM!
    Next time I am definitely going to add the frosting.

    I also do not think you are lazy. When I started blogging, I tried to post every day and that just didn’t happen. I think it’s incredible that you keep up with your family, do all your own cooking, errands, cleaning, etc (even if it means you brush crumbs onto the carpet, lol. Resourceful!) and you still find time to blog faithfully! You deserve easy posts! Hope your wrist is better!

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